Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Mood-Based Scrapbooking Class is Now Available for Download!

I'm so excited to announce the release of my True Scrap 6 scrapbooking class "Mood-Based Scrapbooking." This inspirational guide is a class I taught for the True Scrap 6 event but is now available for individual purchase.

Click HERE to download.

This class includes a 30 minute class video which includes both instructional information on creating mood-boards; as well as, two scrapbooking-process projects. If you prefer, you also have the option to listen in to the additional interview I gave during the course of the event.

Here's a little sneak peek at one of the projects I make in this class:

Click HERE to save $5 this weekend ONLY!

In addition to the video, you'll receive the full-color instructional class Ebook/workbook, which includes 10 pages of instructions, supply lists, and tips and tricks for creating the FOUR layouts in this class.

Click HERE to download this class NOW!

Save BIG by purchasing this class now, as all True Scrap 6 classes will increase to $14.99 after November 30th. Other workshops from this event which are currently discounted during this sale include:

* Tracy Banks: "Layering: Punch It, Roll It, Make It Yours
* Kelli Crowe: "Saw This, Made That: Bringing Ideas to Life"
* Noell Hyman: "Small Details, Big Picture"
* Katrina Kennedy: "Capture Your Celebrations: Photographing Food, Family and Fun"
* Layle Koncar: "Flip It, Score It, Make It, Shake It: Innovative, Interactive Mini Book Techniques
* Nichol Magourik: "From Pocket to Page: Pocket Cards for 12x12 Layouts"
* Donna Salazar: "Mixed Media Masterpieces Using Crafty Supplies"
* True Scrap 6 "Make and Takes"

Want access to the entire event?

Click HERE to purchase the entire event for just $74 using the code "BLACK" at checkout (through November 30th).

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Handmade Decorative Frame Gifts

If you're looking for a beautiful handmade gift idea, why not use your favorite paper crafting and scrapbooking products? These papers, die cuts, stamps, and embellishments can make any project shine. For these Handmade Decorative Frames, I purchased some inexpensive frames from Michael's. You can find these in their "dollar spot" aisle where items are just a few dollars. Colors and styles of frames change for each season so stock up on the styles and colors you most prefer.

These beautiful frames can be altered to fit any style and design preferences. Read through the instructions for each frame below and then determine how to best alter these projects to fit your needs.

"5" Frame:

- Mount vintage dictionary print paper in the frame.
- Cut a strip from blue polka dot patterned paper and cut points in both ends. Mount across the frame.
- Head emboss emerald green on a chipboard "5". Let cool and then mount on the paper strip.
- Thread white crochet twine through a blue button and tie into a bow. Mount on the "5."

Butterfly Frame:

- Fill the frame with vintage dictionary paper.
- Cut two strips of patterned paper one larger than the other in green polka dot and yellow patterned paper and mount down the center of the frame.
- Die cut a butterfly from blue cardstock.
- Use blue stamping ink to stamp a pattern on the butterfly. Mount the butterfly in the center of the frame.
- Mount a sunshine sticker in the center of the butterfly.
- Thread twine through a peach button and tie into a bow. Mount the button in the center of the sticker.

Bird Frame:

- Fill the back of the frame with vintage dictionary paper.
- Hot glue kraft-colored present filler paper to the bottom of the frame.
- Die cut a leaf from green cardstock and mount in the upper, right corner of the frame.
- Die cut a bird from yellow patterned paper. Add a small yellow, epoxy dot to the die cut for the eye.
- Use a raindrop punch to punch a shape from blue cardstock. Ink and stamp the shape with blue stamping ink. Mount the raindrop shop on the bird to form the win.
- Thread white crochet twine through a green button and tie into a bow. Mount the button on the bird's wing.

Depending on the recipient of this gift, you can create "scenes" or themes for a child, for a teen, for a man or a woman. Look through your paper crafting stash to see what papers, tools, and embellishments you have on hand that help inspire you.

Click the links below to see additional handmade gift ideas!

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Six Handmade Christmas Holiday Ornaments You Can Make Today!

Everyone loves to receive a handmade gift, and a Christmas ornament is just the think to make any tree sparkle. Try creating one of these holiday ornaments shown below. To decorate an entire tree, simply make several at once.

Ornaments can be found HERE and HERE.

Be sure to pin and share these projects with your crafting group to help inspire them this holiday season!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Free Christmas Subway Art Printable!

The holidays are rapidly approaching, which means you're likely looking for something quick and easy to give as neighbor gifts. How about printing out a FREE Christmas Subway Art Printable, which you can then dress up and decorate as you like for as many friends and family as you need.

This fabulous printable was part of my "Holiday Seasonal Sampler" event:

Download HERE.

If you're looking for additional printables, be sure to visit my printables store HERE.

Download HERE!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

15 Minute Christmas Die Cut Gift Wrap

I think the holidays always feel a bit more special when you add handmade items to your list. Today I wanted to share a quick and easy die cut Christmas gift wrap you can create with your Silhouette machine. Here is the finished gift with presents inside. Depending on the strength of the wire you can hang this from your friends' and neighbors' doors or place it on a holiday tree:

To create this gift wrap, I used the following cut file from Silhouette (3d scalloped cone):

Design ID #11567

Then I decorated the cone with an accordion folded circle, which I die cut with a manual die cut from Stampin' Up. Additional circle punches, a doily, stickers, wire, and ribbon complete the look:

Here's another look at this project. Please feel free to pin your favorite images from this project. Fill this Christmas Cone with small, light gifts you think your friends and family will enjoy.

This project was created for Craft Lightning, a fabulous website that shares projects that can easily be created within a short amount of time. Be sure to visit their blog here for additional ideas!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How Stress and Chaos Nearly Killed My Creativity

If you've been following my blog, then you know that my life has been chaotic for the past six months. In early April when we made the decision to put our house for sale, I had my suspicions about what we were getting into. We have moved several times now, and I had a pretty good idea of what it would take to do it again. I even went so far as to warn my husband of the repercussions moving would have on my mental state.

So you would think that when in the midst of prepping the house to sell, selling the house, packing up the house, moving to a rental, searching for a new house, buying a house, moving from the rental into the new house, and unpacking that I would feel less--I don't know maybe "guilty" about mentally crashing a bit.

But it's still difficult. As someone who suffers from anxiety, I know all about worry. I certainly am no stranger to stress. And thankfully I know myself well enough that if chaos, anxiety, worry, and stress combine into one big superstorm then I'm likely to get depressed. Good grief! Who wouldn't?

But I was still caught off guard by how quickly my creativity came to a grinding halt.

First I blamed it on having to keep my scrapbook room clean all the time to show the house.

Then I blamed it on having to pack everything up for the big move.

Then I thought, "Well maybe it's because I don't dare unpack in this month-to-month rental situation."

And then I figured I didn't really have much free time with all the house searching we were doing.

And I certainly could excuse myself while my scrapbook room underwent new flooring that took almost a month to complete.

But when I started moving boxes and furniture and supplies into my office, it hit me:

I just didn't want to be creative any more.

What in the world happened?

How did a place I loved so much go from sweet refuge to stress prison?

I was heartbroken. And worried! Scrapbooking and paper crafting are a vital part of my job description after all. How in the world was I going to work if I couldn't even stand the thought of opening a box which contained paper I had once cherished?

I'll admit it. It freaked me out!

For the first few weeks, I felt concerned.

After the first month, I started to worry.

And then by month two, I began to wonder if my creativity would ever return.

How does one go about jumpstarting their creativity once lost? And can it ever be recovered?

I worried long and hard about both of these concerns, but I gave myself permission to simply do what I felt I could. I put in my full-time hours at work leaving the creative part of my job for those rare times when I found I could make something that I didn't want to hurl across the room.

I also gave myself an out. I didn't spend much time in my space after my normal work hours. I rediscovered my love of reading. I found Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I just didn't spend any more time being creative than I wanted to. I felt it was really important to my creative recovery to step away as much as possible.

And bit by bit I started to unpack, put things away, and rediscover products I had been holding onto until the "new house." I didn't let myself feel obligated to create. I just did a few little things at a time.

And while I appeared calm on the surface, I was still very worried in my head.

Then came the little moments of triumph.

I created my first layout, and I didn't completely hate it.

I filmed a video and it didn't kill me.

I read an old scrapbooking magazine, and I liked it.

I took a peek at the latest products in my favorite online stores.

And little by little I felt my mojo start to return. It wasn't easy. Sometimes it was beyond discouraging. Sometimes I even cried about it. I just couldn't help but feel discouraged. But I'm finding that the enjoyment is outweighing the frustration. And frankly, I'll take it.

I'm looking forward to more days of creativity. I look forward to wanting to crop with other scrapbookers. I look forward to renewing my monthly craft budget. I look forward to making things that I love and that make me happy.

And I'm happy to learn that I didn't kill my creativity. I just temporarily scared it away. Here's to it finding its way back home again!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Six Christmas Holiday Home Decor Projects You Can Make This Season!

Looking for a way to dress up your home for the holidays? How about using your paper crafting supplies to "deck the halls?" Today I'm sharing six projects you can make for this holiday season that will either make your home shine or serve as beautifully handmade gifts for your friends and family:

Click HERE to view all of the projects shown.

You can find this additional project, a holiday sleigh HERE if you're looking for more ideas!