Friday, June 26, 2015

Inspiration Station: Layered Card Process Video

Today is my last blog post and video for the Scrapbook Expo's "The Weekly Scrapper" video. I have loved blogging for them and will miss the opportunity to work with such a fantastic company. This week I shared the following card on their blog, which you can read all about HERE:

Want to see how I created the card in under 10 minutes? Watch the video HERE on Youtube or below:

Thank you for all your love and support the last few months. Look for additional paper crafting, scrapbooking, and card tutorials coming here on my blog including new videos coming soon!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

See My Travel Pocket Page in the Latest SCT Magazine Issue!

I'm so excited to see the latest issue of Scrapbook and Cards Today Magazine. This issue features several incredible highlights including summer projects, tips and techniques for telling your stories, and more.

Summer 2015 Scrapbook and Cards Today Issue:
Click HERE to download or purchase the print issue!

I'm thrilled that one of my projects was featured in this issue. Here's a tiny peek at the travel pocket page I created, which includes clever ways to incorporate your memorabilia from a trip:

Want more? Did you know that you can purchase a print issue or download the issue for FREE?

Click HERE to learn more.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Memories Made #47: "Camp" Scrapbooking Process Video

Today's scrapbooking process video is about camping. It's that time of year again, and I cannot believe we're considering camping again after our last trip was such a sleepless event. I guess time heals all wounds, right? Actually this time we got smart and are looking to rent a cabin rather than sleep in a tent that rustles noisily in the wind all night. Want a look at today's project? Here's my "Camp" layout dedicated to our 2013 trip:

Camp Scrapbooking Layout by Jen Gallacher

Here are a few close-up photos of the layout so you can get a better feel for the embellishments and die cuts I used on this page:

Camp Scrapbooking Layout by Jen Gallacher

Camp Scrapbooking Layout by Jen Gallacher

Scrapbook Process Video

Want to see how I created this scrapbooking layout? Watch the "Memories Made" video HERE on my Youtube channel or below:

Suggested Scrapbooking Products:

Want to learn more (or purchase) the products I used on this page? Use the photos below to click to the product links. Affiliate links are used when possible and help to pay for these videos.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Paper Crafting and Scrapbooking Mystery Box SALE!!

Looking for some new paper crafting products to jumpstart your creativity? Each year I go through my scrapbook studio and pull out items that I think other crafters will enjoy. I create several boxes of goodies that I then place on sale.

Today I'm sharing 10 "Mystery Boxes" that I'm selling:

Each of these boxes contains loads of scrapbooking papers, collection kits, and embellishments I think you might enjoy. These boxes are filled with goodies and are sure to please. Papers range in color, theme, and style ensuring you'll get something you love. These boxes also contain stamps, and manual dies this time around.

To purchase: I will accept the $45 payment through Paypal. Please contact me via email to request one of the Mystery Boxes. Boxes will be sold on a First-Come, First-Serve basis. You have 24 hours to make your payment and then the box will be placed on sale again. I will send you a Paypal invoice or my Paypal information when you're ready to purchase.

Box #1: SOLD!!
Box #2: SOLD!!
Box #3: SOLD!!
Box #4: SOLD!!
Box #5: SOLD!!
Box #6: SOLD!!
Box #7: SOLD!!
Box #8: SOLD!!
Box #9: SOLD!!
Box #10: SOLD!!
Box #11: SOLD!!
Box #12: SOLD!!

Bonus Ribbon Box: This box is FULL of ribbon. This box is $25. Shipping charges are included.

Shipping: All boxes are shipping in a US Priority Mail Flat Rate box to save on shipping. Shipping charges are included in the $45 price. Boxes will be shipped a few days after your payment has cleared. Currently I'm shipping to the US only. If you want to make arrangements for International shipping, please contact me FIRST as the shipping charges will be an additional cost.

Additional questions: You can add them here or email me directly at

Monday, June 22, 2015

Jen's Craft and Scrapbook Space To Do List

I can hardly believe that we've been in this house now for eight months. How is that even possible? Especially since I still have an entire room filled with unpacked boxes. It's enough to make anyone freak out a little. I've been mentally keeping a "to do" list of items I need to complete to get my Scrapbook and Craft Space in order. Here's a little look into my room so far:

I thought perhaps you'd like a look at what's on my current list (although it seems to be constantly changing).

Craft Room "To Do" List:

1. Paint color. Do I go really neutral with white, keep it the creamy yellow, or dive into something new?

2. Black-out curtains. While I love the south-facing window, it's totally messing with my video lighting. How to address that fan shaped window? Currently I'm using a tension rod to hold the curtain. Ideas anyone?

3. What is in those drawers anyway? Since the storage cubes I've been using for the past 10 years or so are in a new configuration, I can't find a thing. It's time to reorganize and finally label the drawer pulls.

4. Stamps, Dies, and Stencils oh my. I'm determined to get these organized in a way that's easy to find and encouraging to use. I'm going to give the Jennifer McGuire organizational method a try. Now I just need a "pretty" way to store them.

5. Photo prop organization. I'm nearly done with my photo prop station. I've decided to organize items by color as that is often how I "shop" for props when I'm photographing a project. Where do I get my photo prop ideas? I'll do a separate post on staging photos and finding cool props for those of you that are interested.

6. Desk. Do I go bigger or keep what I have now? This room would allow for a double desk (meaning two desks placed back-to-back). That kind of excites me a little, but also makes me wonder if it would simply become a staging ground for more clutter. What do you think? Bigger is better or make it work?

7. Decor. The slanted walls in this room are throwing me for a loop. I have little to no wall space for cool decor pieces, and I have so many beautiful vintage things I've collected over the years. I also don't want to overwhelm the room with too many shelving units. I like a little breathing room. It's a hard one to address.

8. Get some albums already. I have so many layouts not yet placed in sheet protectors that it's frightening. I need a better way to store my albums so that I can quickly and easily put away a layout once it's done. Where do you store your completed albums? Are they in your craft space or somewhere else in your home? I'd love to hear some suggestions.

This is just a basic overview of what I have in mind for my new space. I'm excited to finally have a place big enough to hold all my favorite crafting supplies. I feel very blessed, and look forward to the day when everything has a place. I think it will make crafting even more rewarding. What do you think?

If you'd like a peek at my old scrapbook space, you can find the photos HERE. Or you can watch the video HERE on my Youtube channel or below. I loved that room, but this room has some advantages that the old room did not. It's challenging to move to a new space. That's for sure.

Currently my daughter is working on her section of the room. Man, that girl has vision. Just wait until you see it. We're hoping to share a craft room tour soon so keep a look out!

A Sneak Peek Into a Popular Scrapbooking Class

Today I thought it would be fun to share a few sneak peeks of my "Scrapbook Design and Storytelling: Beyond the Basics" class. This popular class currently has over 300 students participating. It's a great way to approach storytelling in a way that's both meaningful and creative.

Here are a few peeks at the layouts I created for this class, which includes seven lessons, seven videos, and seven FREE layout sketches:

Want to learn more? Save 50% off when you click HERE.

Join now to share your layouts and finished projects with me. I can't wait to see how you're being inspired!

Friday, June 19, 2015

How to Stamp Onto Plastic with Jen Gallacher

This week I shared in my latest "Inspiration Station" scrapbooking and paper crafting tutorial blog post how to stamp onto plastic. You can read the full tutorial HERE on "The Weekly Scrapper" blog hosted by the Scrapbook Expo. Here's a look at the project I created:

How to stamp onto plastic tutorial with Designer Jen Gallacher:

Last week I shared a tutorial on how to use paper crafting kits from Webster's Pages to create a quick but beautiful card. You can read all about that tutorial HERE:

Next week we'll be my final blog post for "The Weekly Scrapper" blog. Tune in as I share a card process video with you!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Make It Meaningful: Wedding Favor Boxes

Today I wanted to share a stunning bridesmaid gift or wedding favor that you can easily create with Dollar Store take-out boxes. These wedding favor boxes would look also look great at a wedding shower as well.

To create these boxes, I dressed them up with vellum punched butterflies, bits of ribbon and scrapbooking paper in black and gold. I also added a few brads and printed phrases to further dress them up. Here's some additional peeks at these little boxes:

Like what you see? You can find more "Make It Meaningful" projects by clicking the links below:

* Altered Teen Clock
* Altered Summer Suitcase
* Get Well Soup Bowl

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