Five Awesome Ideas for Blog Photography Props

Tired of scrolling through awesome Instagram feeds and gorgeous Pinterest photos and thinking, "Why don't my projects look like that?" I'm here to help! One of the ways you can up your blog photography is with awesome and inexpensive props. Props can elevate the project photos that you take, can tell the story of your craft project, and make your brand feel more cohesive. Keep reading for my favorite tips and tricks for awesome blog photography props; and then download the helpful guide I've provided.

Best Blog Photography Props:

1. Craft tools: One of the quickest and easiest props for blog photography are the tools you used to create the project. This is especially good when you are working with a brand. When staged properly any tool can feel "beautiful" and part of the story of the project you've created. Make sure the brand name is visible any time you partner with a company. Here are some ideas for this type of blog photography with props:

2. In a setting: Most of the projects we create are going to have a home somewhere. Showing that final destination can be a great way to "sell" the awesomeness of your project. An embroidery hoop hung next to your child's bed, a shopping list holder placed in your kitchen, a welcome sign hung on your front door all give your project a story backdrop and help people see how you envisioned them recreating and using your project. Give them some ideas of why, where, and how they will use your amazing project.

3. Breathe some life into it. Sometimes a blog project just looks great on its own, but sometimes it looks flat and uninteresting all on its own. Here the goal is to add props to give your project "life." For instance, glitter around a project gives it a "party" feel. Photographing something on a blanket, gives it a "comfort" feel. Placing something around plants, gives a project a "living, breathing" feel. Do you get where I am going with this? You've made something awesome. Now help people FEEL the awesomeness through the props you choose to photograph it with.

4. Color all the things. This is a total brand awareness technique. You have a brand. You want people to see your project in their Instagram feed and have them instantly stop and stare because it's YOUR brand they recognize and love. One way to do that is with color. Using your brand colors, select some backdrops or props in those colors. Then each time you photograph a project, use one of those colors. Planning ahead will ensure your colors feel good and flow well on your social media feeds.


5. Prop it up. Sometimes a project just needs a little help. Propping it up always works great to give a project dimension and presence. You want people to want to pick it up, touch it, and make it. These kinds of props should fit your brand. Playful, or sophisticated, textured or smooth, etc. A few key props can go a long way. Start by shopping your home and then add as you go.

I hope these ideas help you feel motivated to try some new blog photography props. If you're looking for help on how to photograph in natural light, then be sure to read this article HERE. If you're fed up with trying to capture natural light, then I highly recommend this article HERE on lighting kits.

As always, I'm here to help so if you have additional questions or suggestions, please leave them for me in the comments. I love it when we can help each other grow our brands and improve our skill set.

Items for the Background:
- Part of the project
- Parts of the project process: tools, etc.

Items to Add Height:
- Ticket Rolls
- Cake Plates
- Books

Items to Add Texture:
- Thread spools
- Ribbon
- Twine
- Wood Cuts

Items to Hold Items:
- Small Bowls
- Plates
- Baskets
- Printer's Tray

Photography Backdrop Ideas:

Items for Backdrops (get a TON of ideas HERE):
- Poster Board
- Fabric
- Wood Pieces
- Wallpaper
- Vinyl Backdrops
- Wrapping Paper

Items for Flay Lay:
- Sequins
- Buttons
- Scissors
- Laptop
- Florals

You can read HERE how I organized my photography props when I worked as a Creative Editor for a crafts magazine. I've since simplified my photography props to a few key things. As photography trends change, I switch items in and out.


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