Why I Need the Beach

As I get older, I feel like I'm narrowing down my preferences to things. That is certainly the case with traveling. I'm realizing now that I feel most relaxed when I am near the ocean. Something about the water just soothes me. And if I'm with people that I love then that's even better. So every time I plan a vacation I want a few things 1) water in which I can swim, 2) a hotel as close to the beach as possible, 3) a hotel in which I can relax after a hot day in the sun.

One of my favorite places to go is Mexico. Just over the border is a gorgeous town called Puerto Penasco. It is a charming and quiet city with a stretch of condos placed directly on the beach. I have come to feel this is my happiest place on earth. It has everything a girl could want (including all the things on my punch list.

 Any time I want to be in the water, I make a five minute trip from our hotel room down to the ocean. And something like is waiting for me:

This place is a perfect little paradise. Even the food is amazing! But then I love Mexican food so it just adds to the ambience for me.

If you ever get the chance to visit Mexico, do it! While I have only been to one part of the country, I feel very at home there and would visit more often if I had the chance. I find I "need" this trip more and more often because in all truth, it's one of the only places that truly relaxes me. I'm already planning my next beach adventure because I can't go very long without the ocean.


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