Still Confused About Which Inks to Choose for Layered Stamp Images?

Do you love the look of layered stamp images? Are you confused by which inks work well together to create the layered look of flowers, birds, landscape images and more? Choosing the right colors, and stamping ink types are very important when it comes to layered stamp images. To get you started, I suggest you watch this video on how best to select stamping ink for layering.

How to Choose Stamp Layering Inks:

Layered and Gradient Ink Pad Sets:

The easiest way to ensure you get true gradients of color is to work with a company that already creates sets of color. You can see in this image below, that ink companies like Altenew offer entire sets of color families, which colors such as yellow ranging from soft and light, to dark and intense. Trust a company to do the work for you, and search for "color family" or "ink pad sets" when searching for which inks to use.

Gradient and Layered Ink Pad Set suggestions from #layeredstamping #stampingink #jengallacher #gradientink

For some money saving options look for mini stamping ink pads. Then if you really love a certain color, or color family you can invest in their larger ink pads later. Altenew, Hampton Art, and The Stamp Market all offer mini ink pad sizes. These are a great option to build your ink selection quickly.

Gradient and Layered Ink Pad Set suggestions from #layeredstamping #stampingink #jengallacher #gradientink

Rather than buy every color of ink. Start with the colors you use most. For me it was green and yellow. Then I added blue and red. You see the pattern? I didn't purchase every color available in the beginning because I wanted to first test if I would use them or not. Instead I chose the colors I knew I would use and then built up my collection from there. Look for stamp color reviews both in blogs and on YouTube for some of the lead designers' favorite colors.

When storing your ink pads, consider keeping colors together. I like to store my ink colors in gradient order so I can quickly pull the color or tone I need without getting confused. This makes creating that much easier.

 Gradient and Layered Ink Pad Set suggestions from #layeredstamping #stampingink #jengallacher #gradientink 
If you have several ink pads, then start an organization system that works for you. You might try stamping sample images on white cardstock and then storing them on a binder ring so you can see the tones of color you already own. This is especially helpful for when you go shopping for new ink pads. Also before buying a new color, look on the company website to see how it compares to previously released colors. Companies like Tim Holtz do a great job of showing you how a new pink color compares to their older colors. They'll show you examples of all of their pink colors in one image so you can see how the tone and intensity of the new color compares. This makes it so much easier to make sure you get the color you are looking for.
And finally, always look through the company's blog or Instagram account for examples of the color(s) you are considering. Digital colored images won't be as true to color as photographed images of final works. So look at the supply list on a card you like and see if a color keeps popping up that you really like. If that happens a few times, then it's probably a color you should add to your collection. I use this method all the time to ensure I collect the colors I truly love.
If you have additional questions, I'd be happy to answer them. Please leave me any questions or comments below. Or if you have a suggestion for a brand whom you really love, leave that in the comment section as well.


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