A Tale of Two Craft Rooms

 Would you like a video walk through of two craft rooms? These scrapbooking space and craft room videos show you how my decorating style and organizational approach to scrapbooking and craft supplies has changed. You can find how I organize scrapbooking embellishments, store my scrapbook paper, find my craft tools and more by watching each of these videos. The first video is my latest scrapbook space, which is bright and colorful.

 The second video is of an older craft room that I styled. This one had darker furniture, a smaller floor plan, and carpeting. I love them each for different reasons. Tell me which is your favorite in the comments below!


  1. Alyce5:53 PM

    Love how you've organized your room - there's so much 'stuff' packed into every drawer. I'm inspired to reorganize my crafts room.

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