Why You Need to Attend a Scrapbooking Crop!

One of the reasons that I fell in love with scrapbooking was because I attended my very first class at a local store surrounded by others who loved the hobby. It was because of the energy and support from those women that I realized scrapbooking with others can be an amazing way to make friends and grow as a designer and crafter. If you haven't yet attended a scrapbooking crop or event, I want to share a few reasons why I love going.

1) Classes. If you are attending a formal crop that includes classes, it's your opportunity to learn new techniques from industry experts. Rather than stress about finishing a project within the class time, concentrate on learning the techniques or design-style approach from the instructor. The work on completing the project at your leisure (perhaps during later hours at the crop). I find that people who do this often enjoy the class more.

2) Goodies. Many crop and event hosts have goodie bags or prizes that make attending well worth your time. Often generous companies will sponsor these items. Be sure to ALWAYS thank the sponsors, as well as, the crop organizer. Oftentimes, the organizer has used their own money to provide you with these items. It's a big deal and not always something you can count on so if you get a goodie bag, be sure to thank the host!

3) Food. Some crops have catered food and some leave it up to you to feed yourself. I never mind either approach. I always pack snacks that I know I will eat, and then I rarely get super hungry at these crops. If you have special food issues, let the organizer know ahead of time. Then be appreciate of what you receive. Supplement it with your own items and bring food to share. Some crops assign you a meal to prepare and share. Some invite you to pay extra for a special chef. Know what you're willing to do and remember the organizer is trying to make everyone happy (and that's almost impossible).

4) Exchanges. Some crop attendees go above and beyond and do exchanges of handmade cards, gifts, supplies, etc. This is a great way to share your gifts and talents with others. Consider participating if you like that kind of thing. If not, it's not typically mandatory; but just something extra you can do.

She Loves Color Designer Day Event with Jen Gallacher hosted by Bella Blvd. #scrapbooker #cardmaker #papercrafter

5) Sleepover. If you live close consider staying at the venue. Driving in can be a pain. But if you do drive in, it can save a lot of money. There is something so exciting about staying in a hotel or in an AirBnb with a bunch of people who love scrapbooking as much as you do. Reminds me of my favorite high school trips.

SCT Magazine Crop & Create Calgary 2019 Class with Jen Gallacher #scrapbooker #scrapbooking #sctmagazine

6) Friendships. You are likely to make some long-lasting friends at these crops. I know some groups go every year and travel from all around the world to come together. Nothing brings people together more quickly than a shared interest. Be prepared to make some amazing friends.

7) Last but not least: scrapbooking. Come prepared to get stuff done, but don't worry about how much you get done. Just enjoy the process. If you want to get lots of projects done, plan ahead. Bring other projects like card making, crocheting, etc. to break up the time. Try to relax. It's not a competition. Not even with yourself. It's about getting away and doing what you love.


I wanted to share some of my absolute favorite events:

Crop & Create (Canadian events run by Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine). Very organized classes, amazing on-site store, extra tutorials, amazing giveaways, crop time, in beautiful locations.

She Loves Color (Wisconsin event run by Bella Blvd). Top industry teachers, lots of focus on scrapbooking (with some card making), amazing prizes, exciting group, beautiful town to visit.

Ready Set Create (California event run by Ginger Nelson). Longer classes to really get things done, incredibly organized, lots of fun, lots of time for cropping, fun local shopping, top industry teachers, prizes are amazing.

If you have a favorite crop, drop it in the comments below!


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