5 Reasons You Need a Letter or Message Board

Have you been thinking about getting a message board for your home or office? I'm here to convince you that you need one! Here are five reasons you need a letter or message board. I've included ideas for using your letter boards, as well as, companies that make message boards I HIGHLY recommend. Keep reading for some awesome ideas for how to use your letter board.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Letter Board by Jen Gallacher for www.jengallacher.com #jengallacher #letterboard #heidiswapp #dcwv #jillibeansoup

1. Sharing Uplifting or Humorous Messages:

Wooden Letter Board from Jillibean Soup by Jen Gallacher for www.jengallacher.com #letterboard #jillibeansoup #jengallacher

I love letting the kids help come up with sentiments and messages for our letter boards. Keep the letters in a jar near the letter board, and let them have at it. Take a photo with your phone of each new message they share. It would make a fun history of your family's personalities.

Pink Letterboard #letterboard #jengallacher #heidiswapp

I really love combining fonts and phrases for my messages. I've bought a few different alphabet styles to choose from and store them in individual jars (see photo below).

2. Seasonal Messages:

Christmas Letter Board by Jen Gallacher for www.jengallacher.com #dcwv #letterboard #jengallacher

Christmas Letter Board by Jen Gallacher for www.jengallacher.com #letterboard #jengallacher
Halloween Letter Board by Jen Gallacher for www.jengallacher.com #dcwv #letterboard #jengallacher

One of the easiest ways to use a letter board is during a specific holiday or season. I'll change my message to fit the season and then add decorations with removable adhesive. It makes the season just a little more special, and a letter board is a larger way to add decor to the house for the holidays.

3. Matching your Home Decor:

When looking at different letter boards, think of your home decor style. Do you want something modern, natural, colorful? Think of the space you will use it in. Make sure to get the size that will fit the space. You can hang these on the wall, or prop them up. In the suggested products section below, you can see MANY different styles to choose from. I'm sure you'll find one you LOVE (or maybe a few).

Wooden Scrabble Letter Board #jillibeansoup #jengallacher #letterboard

Letter board ideas #letterboard #heidiswapp

4. All the Cute Accessories

Letter board letters and board types (suggestions from Jen Gallacher at www.jengallacher.com) #letterboard #dcwv #heidiswapp

Letter board companies offer a variety of fonts for their alphabets. You can also shop for phrases, embellishments and more (see the shopping list below). Depending on the color of your letter board, I always suggest a white or black to start with. Then add colors that fit your home decor or season.

5. The Ability to Customize the Boards:

Adding flowers to a letter board by Jen Gallacher for www.jengallacher.com #letterboard #jengallacher #paperflower

You can hand-make any embellishment to add to your letter boards. In each of these examples, I used paper flowers. Again, I highly recommend removable adhesive if you think you'll change your mind. You can also find shops on Etsy of people that create letter board embellishments. You can add trim, paint the frame, add photos, or do pretty much whatever you'd like to these awesome board.

Boards come in a variety of finishes, so look for something that fits your style!

Adding flowers to a letter board by Jen Gallacher for www.jengallacher.com #letterboard #jengallacher #paperflower #dcwv

Shop for a Message Board:

(Looking for an awesome message board? Check out the suggestions below! I've included both letterboards, as well as, letters and images for those boards. Affiliate links have been used where possible.)

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