Jen's Jumpstart Tutorial Video: Washi Tape

You may have already watched a few of these videos. In the "Jen's Jumpstarts" video series I share some quick tips for using a particular tool or product. These are very short videos and are a great option if you only have a few minutes but want to learn something new.

This week's product focus: Washi Tape

Washi tape is a decorative tape that can be used in several different ways:
1. As adhesive.
2. As a decorative element.
3. To create a banner.
4. To connect items together.
5. As a layering tool.

Watch the quick video below (or HERE on my Youtube channel) for some suggestions on how you can use this fun, decorative tape:

Below I've suggested some Washi Tapes that I particularly enjoy. Look for different widths, different colors, and different prints. Start with some basic colors and styles and then build your stash from there. You can search by "tape" HERE in the 2Peas store for additional ideas.

Suggested Products (click the photos for product information):

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  1. Thanks, I really needed this video. I am a beginner in washi and needed ideas. Thanks


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