Clean Medieval Romance Book List

I like sharing what I'm reading here on my blog. I've shared a few book lists in the past that range from books for boys, girls, Proper Romance, and even children's books. Today I wanted to share some clean medieval era romance books. These books have a love story but are clean and often have an uplifting or spiritual undertone. I feel comfortable recommending any of these books to you. I've included links to these books below.

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Clean Medieval Romance Book List:

These are a few of my recent reads. I think you'll like many of them. Click the book images to learn more. My reviews of each book is listed further below.

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To Win a Lady's Heart by Sian Ann Bessey: This sweet tale has undercurrents similar to Robin Hood as Lady Joanna searches for love after her father emotionally abandons her.

For Castle and Crown by Sian Ann Bessey: Lady Philippa must do her best to save Hawksford Castle despite being severely injured in a previous attack, all while dealing with her newfound feelings for Duke Edmund, an old childhood friend.

Eleanor and the Iron King by Julie Daines. Eleanor de Lacy is betrothed to a knight of another land. Trust builds between the two characters as they overcome the threat of war, the accusation of witchcraft, and more.

Books by Melanie Dickerson: Each book focuses on a character and moves through time. Each has a strong faith and relationship with God as characters work through their own difficulties and find love and family.

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