My Unhealthy Obsession with Proper Romance Novels

I admit it. I'm completely and totally addicted to anything remotely Jane Austenesque. Her writing intrigues me. It speaks to my soul. It makes me laugh, cry, and sometimes wish for a quick trip back in time to experience that same gentility that once existed.

But I'm also a total prude. I like my books clean as clean can be. But I don't want to sacrifice great characters and an interesting story. So I was beyond ecstatic when I discovered a genre called "Proper Romance," which is basically a romance with a clean storyline. Often it will have Christian overtones but not always.

So recently I've spent some time reading (and rereading) some of my favorites lately in a period piece binge, and I though you might like some of my recommendations. So here you go. Seriously love these so much!!

15 Clean & Amazing Proper and Regency Romance Novels. Includes links. From #regencyromance #books #reading #readinglist #properromance

Proper Romance and Regency Romance Books 

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* "Summer Campaign" by Karla Kelley. This was is fantastic. Carla has written others, but some do have more than what I would say is fit for a "proper romance" title. Still. Incredible historical writer.

* Pretty much anything by Sarah Eden. These are shorter, and often the stories are similar. But the characters are interesting and always leave me smiling. There is a fun connection that runs through her series. Wait until you catch on.

The Kiss of a Stranger
Drops of Gold
As You Are
Glimmer of Hope

* "Edenbrooke" and by "Blackmoore" by Julianna Donaldson. This girls has got talent sprotting out everywhere. Cannot wait to see her grow as an author because her first two novels are fantastic.

* Sarah Ladd's "Whisper on the Moors" series is very sweet. I've liked all of them so far. Many of them talk of redemption.

* Some of Julie Klassens' books spoke to me more than others. But I think they're getting better with time (at least to me).  I will warn you that some of her books are grittier than others, but "The Tutor's Daughter" was a beautiful story.

* Jennifer Moore is a newer writer to the Proper and Regency Romance scene but she's putting out books at what seems like every few months. Start with "Becoming Lady Lockwood" and then follow the rest of this series as characters connect starting with this book.

* Josi Kilpack has written several other books, but has recently forayed into this genre. This one is interesting and has a VERY unique twist. Try "A Heart Revealed" and then the others she's released. Look for the "Proper Romance" label on the titles that fit this style.

* This is a brand new author to me, but I was really drawn into the story. "The Earl's Bethrothal" by Karen Tuft is a fun read and has engaging characters.

* I recently discovered Carrie Turansky. I've only read "The Governess of Highland Hall" but she's on my watch list at Amazon. I'd like to find a few more of hers.

* One of the books that made me laugh and really adore the characters was "A Noble Masquerade" by Kristi Ann Hunter. Really fun read. And my first for this author.

* The "Grand Tour" series by Lisa Bergren is actually later than the Regency period  but it is a fun read about a family taking in the grand tour. Start with "Glamorous Illusions" as this is the first in this series. I'm on the third book in this series. Completely clean, great series.

These are just a few of my collection. But you get the idea. If you like this genre, I'd love to hear what you've been reading that you love. I'll share in another post my favorite Regency films and TV series you might want to check out. Looking for books for teen and tween boys. Read HERE!


  1. Jen you are so cute! I've never heard of this genre before but I'm going to try it out. I'm a bit of a prude myself. Such a minority in this day and age... Thanks for the suggestions.

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone in the prude department. I hope you enjoy these suggestions.

  2. I've never heard of this genre too. I'm not into period books (except Jane of course, and movies), but I may need to check these out. I like books that have some romance, but not too sweet where women are super pretty and men are... super manly. Some call it “women's fiction”. Among my latest favs are Sarah Addison Allen and Kristin Hannah (some books).

    1. I like a strong female character. I'll have to check these out. Thanks for the recommendations!

  3. Another prude here. I enjoyed Courtney Walsh's "Sweethaven", three book series.

    1. Have you read "Paper Hearts" by Courtney. I LOVED that one!

  4. This is perfect - I just finished re-rereading "Edenbrooke" for the fourteenth time and thought, "I should branch out." Georgette Heyer is another favorite author for Regency-era books. I've only read 4 or 5 of her books (she has so many!) but I haven't been disappointed yet.

  5. Great list and fun suggestions in the comments - adding these to my list!

  6. Just finished Edenbrooke. I couldn't put it down! Thank you for the recommendation!


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