A Proper Romance Book List: List 2

I'm so happy that so many of you are enjoying my "Clean and Amazing" book lists. I hope that by sharing some of my favorite books, you might find something that you like as well. This time I'm sharing a new list of "Proper Romance" books I think you'll enjoy. Proper Romance titles typically take place in the Regency Era and are extremely clean. Pin your favorite titles to read later. And be sure to share your favorite Proper Romance titles with me in the comments below. I'd love your list as well.

13 Clean And Amazing Proper Romance Books. A Regency Era romance book list from Jen Gallacher. #cleanreads #booklist #regencyromance #properromance

Proper Romance Book List:

The Heir of Brownlee by Anita Stansfield: This book has a very interesting twist, and it took me a while to figure out what the twist was. It's a clever mystery and romance wrapped up into one.

Miss Whitaker Opens Her Heart by Jennifer Moore: Set in the Australian Outback, this book tells a Regency story in an entirely new setting. I enjoyed this book mostly for the setting and the back history of Australia during this time.

A Fair Gentleman by Sarah M. Eden: This is a continuation of the Jonquil family story but can be a stand-alone book. I have loved following this family's series. And this title was no different. Completely satisfying.

Lord Fenton's Folly by Josi S. Kilpack: This story develops AFTER a couple is married, which was a fun read to watch two characters fall in love later in the story. Beautiful story.

My Fair Gentleman by Nancy Campbell Allen: This was an interesting twist on the upper class stories of the Regency time period. I liked the tug and pull between the two characters. I liked this  interesting look at this time period.

Willowkeep by Julie Daines: This is a new author to me, but I found the story of these two characters compelling. This story has a secondary character that you will fall in love with.

An Inconvenient Romance by Chalon Linton: Another new author to me, but I thoroughly loved this story and watching two characters overcome time and past hurts.

The Vicar's Daughter by Josi S. Kilpack: This title reminds me a great deal of the book Emma. It is hilarious to watch the main character work herself into a complete and wonder how she will dig herself out.

Color of Love by Anita Stansfield: This beautiful story follows to characters with very different backgrounds. Another unique look into the Regency Era and it's challenges.

Simply Anna by Jennifer Moore: This beautiful story is set in Jamaica and surprisingly was one of my favorites of Jennifer's as the story unfolded in unpredictable ways. Jennifer does her homework as she takes you to each new place around the world.

A Place for Miss Snow by Jennifer Moore: Jennifer doesn't disappoint with this new Regency setting on the Isle of Greece. Each book Jennifer writes takes you to a whole new world and introduces you to clever characters you come to love.

Lady Helen Finds Her Song by Jennifer Moore: This book is set in beautiful India. Once again Jennifer takes you to a different side of the Regency Era. The main character in this story is beautiful and open and I loved watching her fall in love.

Miss Burton Unmasks a Prince by Jennifer Moore: This title follows a Southern American girl maneuvering through the Regency World. It is a slight bit unbelievable but still a wonderfully, sweet story.

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