Product Focus #18: School Scrapbooking Products

Welcome to this week's Product Focus." In these weekly blog posts, I'll share scrapbooking supplies or a product type I'm particularly drawn to, and then I'll share some ways you can use the products in a project. I'll discuss tips and tricks for using the product, share some of my favorite products from that product line, and then I'll open it up for any questions you might have. I'd also love to hear your reviews or uses for the product type I focus on each week. This is a chance for you to pull out products you already own and play with them or for you to discover new products you might not yet have tried.

School is nearly over for us so this week I'm focusing on school scrapbooking products. The term "school" can be used loosely. You can also incorporate office supplies, or choose a theme such as holidays for a special event at school. So many events happen at school that you really can choose from several different types of supplies. This week I've asked some of my favorite designers to share their work that incorporate school scrapbooking products. You can see their work below in the image gallery section of this post.

Here are a few of my favorite school products (click the photos for links to the products or visit this blog post HERE to view the list). Be sure to search by "school" or by a specific theme at 2Peas to find products perfect for any project:

Below you will find a gallery of projects from my designer friends and I that use school scrapbooking supplies. Hopefully these will give you some new ideas for using a school item or two on your upcoming projects.

Idea #1: Include envelopes for school memorabilia.

(Source: Julie Campbell)

Idea #2: Document memories from your perspective as the teacher 
(including gifts you've received).

(Source: Jill Sprott)

Idea #3: Incorporate elements that support the theme.

(Source: Lexi Bridges)

Idea #4: Share your feelings about a certain teacher or coach your child had this year.

(Source: Two Peas)

How do you incorporate school items on your layouts? Do you add an apple or two? Do you use a school themed collection kit? Do you use another themed collection that fits a special school event like the school musical, a dance recital, or a holiday party? If you have a question about this post, please leave it within the comments section below. I may just answer some of them in an upcoming "Product Focus" post.  Looking for additional ways to use your favorite scrapbooking supplies? Be sure to check out posts like this one HERE or HERE.


  1. Fabulous layouts. Love all the details on each of them!!! Great job adding in the school supplies and school theme


  2. I use anything I find appealing that is cute and age appropriate (my daughter is in Kindergarten). Usually it's just stickers and cute papers.. I love those chipboard apples though!

  3. I have a soft spot for school themed products! Love your layout--I tried to pin it but the link under your layout is the same as the link for Lexi's layout above. I finally found your layout on 2Peas so I could pin it, but I thought I would tell you too.

    Here's the link:

  4. Love this post! I'm working on my daughter's school album since she's graduating 8th grade - I thought it'd be a good deadline for myself. I use themed papers but add elements that might have to do with the subject of the page.

  5. Actually my most recent blog post has a school LO that doesn't use any strictly school themed supplies, I just added a clipboard that I created.


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