Designing a Mini Album: Guest Design Projects for American Crafts

This month I was asked to serve as a Guest Designer for American Crafts. I was honored, as I loved my year on their Design Team. American Crafts is well known for their amazing variety of quality products. This month I had the opportunity to work with the "Mayberry" collection, which is a happy summer collection. You can find the blog post HERE on the American Crafts blog.

One of the projects I created was to design a mini album using this Daybook HERE. Here is the project I created:

I thought you might like to see the finished product, so I created a little "Jen's Jumpstart" video to help you see how I approached designing this mini album. You can watch it below or HERE on my Youtube channel:

Below are some of the products I used to create this album. Be sure to visit the American Crafts blog HERE for all the additional projects I created for their blog.

The "Mayberry" collection (click photos for product information or find the collection HERE at 2Peas):


  1. Cute - I've just been making a mini album and love how quickly each page can come together.

  2. I've followed your work for years now Jen all the way from Saskatchewan, Canada and first I must say you are AMAZING! LOVE your work & your videos! I really appreciate all the time & efforts you put into making your videos! You have mentioned on many occasions that you do not like your own handwriting but after seeing it on this mini album, I don't understand your dissatisfaction! Great to see your handwriting on your project! Thanks again for sharing your beautiful work with the world!
    Rachael Yuristy

  3. Rachael, how sweet are you? Maybe I should let go and embrace my handwriting a little more. I just feel so much pressure for it to be perfect. :)

  4. Very cute, Jen. You inspire me so much! I love the simplicity of your layouts but you still add enough elements to give it the "extra touch".


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