Book Review: Brass Carriages and Glass Hearts by Nancy Campbell Allen

Today's book review features something for my steampunk friends. How about a title that features this fun genre, is completely clean, and has a fairy tale twist? I promise you'll love this new title from Nancy Campbell Allen.

Nancy's steampunk series follows a collection of characters that weave and out of a mystical world with werewolves, vampires, and humans who tend to hate them. This title, "Brass Carriages and Glass Hearts" smartly twists the Cinderella story into something a little more edgy, and entirely steampunk. I've been fascinated by this interesting series. 

There are several titles in this series including "Beauty and the Clockwork Beast," "Kiss of the Spindle," and "Lady in the Coppergate Tower." Work your way through this incredible series and find yourself wishing for your own airship for your next getaway.

Nancy has written several other titles, that I've recommended in previous book list suggestions. She is definitely one of my favorite authors for a good, clean read. She's a great writer.


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