The Best Copic Marker Color Combinations and Sets

Some of the stamps shared in this blog post were generously donated by various stamping companies. All markers I purchased. All opinions expressed herein are mine.

Have you dipped your toes into the Copic coloring fountain yet? Copic Markers are probably the most popular alcohol markers on the market. There are many different companies that make alcohol markers, but I have found that I really love the quality of the Copic markers. One of the questions I asked other artists the most when starting my marker collection was how to get the best color combinations for blending. So I thought today I would share some of my favorite Copic marker color combinations; as well as, some completed cards/projects so you can see the results of these combos.

Suggested Copic Color Combinations by Jen Gallacher for #copic #markers #coloring #jengallacher

My Favorite Copic Marker Color Combinations:

(Click the letter and number for links to the markers on Amazon. These are all "Sketch" markers. Copic offers other marker styles, but the "Sketch" is my favorite. These are affiliate links.)

Yellow: Y11, Y13, Y15, Y17

Yellow/Green: YG03, YG25, YG61, YG63

Darker Yellow/Green: YG05, YG09, YG17

Green: G02, G09, G17

Red: R08, R27, R29, R46

Salmon Pink: R11, R20, R21, R22

Warmer Pink: RV21, RV32

Fucshia: RV04, RV17, RV55, RV66

Aqua/Teal: BG15, BG32 (and for a much darker teal: BG18)

Blue: B00, B14, B24, B29

Cool Greys: C3, C5, C7

Orange: YR04, YR15, YR68

Caucasian Skin Tones: E00, E11, E21

Browns: E18, E23, E25

Purples: Still working to find my favorite combo here

One of my sweet crafting friends, saved me a LOT of time when she shared that there is a Copic marker app. You can use it to track the markers you want, some suggested colors, and then track the markers you already own. I HIGHLY suggest getting the app. It's free. You can find the Copic App by clicking HERE.

How I store my Copic Markers: 

I've tried all sorts of ways to store my markers. They suggest that you store them on their sides but this just hasn't worked for me. So I purchased a utensil bucket at Hobby Lobby and use it this way. If you're looking for something more organized, I've made a few marker storage suggestions in the shopping section below.

Copic marker storage by Jen Gallacher for #copic #markers #coloring #jengallacher

Some Copic Marker Coloring Samples:

Flowers. Blending flowers is one of my favorite ways to use these markers. You can see that I used a soft yellow combo here; as well as, a yellow/green leaf color:

Copic Marker color sets and combination suggestions by Jen Gallacher for #copic #markers #coloring #jengallacher
Copic Marker color sets and combination suggestions by Jen Gallacher for #copic #markers #coloring #jengallacher

Copic Marker color sets and combination suggestions by Jen Gallacher for #copic #markers #coloring #jengallacher

People. Copic markers are great for coloring people. By changing skin tones, hair color, and clothing color options you can use the same stamp set over and over again with completely different results.

Copic Marker color sets and combination suggestions by Jen Gallacher for #copic #markers #coloring #jengallacherCopic Marker color sets and combination suggestions by Jen Gallacher for #copic #markers #coloring #jengallacher

 Coloring Animals. I love how you can use Copic Markers for techniques like stippling for fur or adding details like stripes.

Copic Marker color sets and combination suggestions by Jen Gallacher for #copic #markers #coloring #jengallacher

Shop for Markers and Marker Storage:

(Click the product images to learn more. Affiliate links have been used where possible. A small portion of the sales help to pay for this blog post at no additional cost to you.)


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