What are Your 2018 Scrapbooking and Craft Goals?

So 2018 is nearly upon us, and I'm starting to think about what I want to accomplish in the next year. I'm not talking about losing weight (although that's always on my list), or getting in shape (yes, that's on my list too). I'm talking about the changes or approaches I want to take towards my scrapbooking and crafting in 2018. Something about the change to a new year makes me rethink things and want to try some new things. So here are a couple of things I want to do in 2018, be thinking about what you'd like to change or do.

 2018 Scrapbooking Goals

Jen Gallacher scrapbooking mini album with Sizzix and Lori Whitlock.

1. Find a way to document myself. Ok, I'm old. I admit it (somewhat reluctantly of course), but my kids are getting older; and while one of my children does love having her picture taken, she is far too busy with  her own life to pose for a photo or two. And the other one? Well he hates the camera as much as he hates a long chore chart (and seriously that's a lot). So while I do sneak in an occasional photo or two with the kids, my memory keeping needs to take a new turn. I need to accept that to continue memory keeping it's going to be more "me-focused." That's a new one for me, and seriously somewhat difficult. I love the camera, but only when I'm behind it. It's really hard for me to be in front of the camera. I hate the way I look. I hate the way I feel, and selfies? Well, let's just say I'm somewhat selfie challenged.

So in 2018 I need to discover a way to be comfortable documenting MY story because my story is changing and evolving and with grown children is now the focus of my memory keeping. While it used to involve more of kids' activities and memories, it's now more about me and my memories.

So how are you documenting yourself? What's your plan? How do you execute it? Share with me some ideas for embracing this new approach to memory keeping.

Jen Gallacher craft room photo and scrapbooking room.

2. For my second 2018 goal, I want to simply my craft space. Ok, I've been at this scrapbooking thing for a LONG time. Try since 1997. And I've had everything under the sun in my craft room at one time. From eyelets, to PaperKins (do you even know what those are), to my original Creative Memories album. And for many, many, ok MANY years I bought all the newest gadgets, gizmos, and products. Part of it was for the fun. I mean it's like Christmas every week when you open up Two Peas in a Bucket's website and see their latest products. It was all so enticing.

But now? Now I know myself. I know I'm going to like a B side paper over an A side paper. I know I'm going to want to stamp at some point. Enamel dots are my jam. And an Ephemera pack? Well, that's a "must have."

And there are a LOT of amazing products that get me all excited, and I even put them in my cart thinking I will get them and try them; but then I have a rather frank conversation with myself about what I'm thinking of getting.

"New markers? Seriously? You hate your handwriting. You might use them for coloring? Have you seen your coloring? Did you forget how much it stresses you out to color? It's not the relaxing activity everyone seems to think it is. At least not for you."

And then I heave a big sigh and delete something (or perhaps several things) from my cart. I get realistic with myself, and I accept that their are certain things I will use and certain things I won't. And while I LOVE trying new things, I can often tell now what I will end up loving and what will end up gathering dust.

Soooooooo . . .

For 2018 I want to purge my office and leave only the items I KNOW I will use. And then the only things that come into my office will be things I will truly love and need.

Well, that's the goal. Reality? I'm going to buy some things I don't need and don't end up using. But I'm really hoping it's a lot less of that than in years past.

Have you simplified your scrapbooking purchases? What do you do that works for you? What do you find yourself buying AND using all the time? What aren't you using and won't buy again?

Jen Gallacher designing paper succulent with Silhouette Cameo and Echo Park Paper cut file.

3. For my third goal, I'm going to make TIME to craft. 2017 got away from me. I'm kind of sitting here thinking, "What in the world? How can I be scheduling dentist appointments for June of 2018? That cannot be right!"

2017 didn't allow much time to craft. I missed it. I felt guilt about it. I am sad about it.

So in 2018 I'm NOT going to feel guilty. I'm just going to make time to do the things I love and that is crafting. I don't have to explain to anyone else what I'm doing and why. I'm just going to do it. I'm going to sit in my craft room, with some Pandora playing in the background, and I'm going to make happy little messes until I clap my hands together in happiness (this is weird tick I have whenever I'm really and truly happy--my daughter inherited a version of this tick too--poor thing).

Do you make time to craft? How does it work for you? Do you set aside a certain time to craft? How do you keep the world out when you need some creative time? Tell me all your secrets! I want to know.

Jen Gallacher from www.jengallacher.com

4. And finally, I'm going to branch out. I'm going to look for new opportunities that excite me. I'm going to get a kit or two from some of those awesome kit clubs. I'm going to get a stamp set just for me. I'm going to attend a craft night with friends (this one is a BIG one for anti-social me). And I'm going to collaborate with people I admire and people who love crafting as much as I do.

So I guess my goals are a little different. I don't have a certain number of pages I want to scrap. I don't know yet exactly what I plan to make. I just want to be more OPEN to things. I want 2018 to be a year of creative crafting and scrapbooking because I really, really love those things. I NEED those things. They soothe my soul. They make me feel productive. They feed my Spirit. And those are all very important things.

So what about you? What do you see for your 2018 crafty future? Share with me some ways you want to embrace the new year and approach your scrapbooking and crafting. I'd love to hear more.


  1. Jen,
    I got excited when Project Life became so popular because I found it was the perfect outlet for me to document my empty nester life. I didn’t have as many “full page layout” events anymore once my son was on his own, but still wanted to document my life- as boring as it can sometimes be. I do a two page monthly spread-I don’t have enough going on to do weekly spreads. But I love that I can create mini 3x4 or 4x6 layouts using the usual embellishments you’d find on a 12x12 page. I still create single 12x12 pages and I love mini albums for special events or trips, but the PL option works for my everyday/monthly stories.

    I love your ability to create beautiful pages with seemingly effortless but wonderful layering of elements. Thank you for your years of inspiration!

    Sue Baker
    Alexandria VA

  2. Hi Jen do you ever think about doing 8 1/2 x11 layouts again? I’m going to give this format a try. I loved those layouts you use to do. Will there be more in 2018?

  3. Love your gorgeous craft space! Great goals for the new year!

  4. I just recently got my own craftroom after another one of my girls moved out and am trying to figure out what I love and what to get rid of because I have way too much stuff. I am starting to know myself better about the things that I will actually use and trying hard not to always want the latest and greatest LOL. The last few years I really haven't scrapbooked and I am sad at that but mostly becaue my girls are grown and my life is pretty boring on a day to day basis. But I am realizing that I should really scrapbook more of me so that my girls will have information I only wish I had from my mom. I do subscribe to Simon Says Stamp's card kit each month and realized a few months ago that I wasn't really using my kits much but hoarding them. I told myself that each month when the kit comes if I don't make at least 5 cards using the kit that I need to cancel my subscription and guess what I just received the January Card kit and spent the last two days making 10 cards with the kit and still have enough for more cards. I would love to find a way to make crafting my job.
    Wish we lived closer so we could craft together.

  5. I do Art Journaling. Has anyone thought of doing that ? If you are tired of scrapbooking or are an empty nester and there’s not enough going on to scrap about? I don’t always write in my journal either. I use color and the stamps, die cuts, stencils ( I love my stencils!) and embossing plates to creat a page or a 2 page spread that expresses my emotions, my mood, my fears, hopes , dreams....and I jointed an Art Club that has encouraged me to take my Art out of the journal and to do it on wood art boards. Wish me luck as I have gathered up my courage to enter my art in the Club’s annual show and sale this fall. Scared and so excited.
    I never really got into the scrapbooking and while I do make a few cards for very close friends, I don’t make a lot of cards. The art Journaling has been my go to creative outlet. And I can’t tell you how much it has helped me with the stress of a recent move and major disruption in my life. I can recommend the YouTube channel of Mike Deakin for a start in Art Journaling No matter how experienced you are or are it, he has inspiration to offer . And a lovely British accent as well!


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