Six Back-To-School Paper Crafting Ideas

Today marks the last day of summer for us. It's the first summer that I can recall being ready for the kids to go back. With the craziness of our move, I think it will be good for them to make new friends and settle back into a more structured routine. To celebrate (or at least acknowledge) that tomorrow is school, I thought I'd share a few "Back-To-School" items I've shared in the past here on my blog. Be sure to pin your favorites!

Create a Back-to-School album (includes start-to-finish video) HERE.

Create a card and matching treat box for either the teacher or your student on their first day HERE (includes start-to-finish video).

Print out and frame this FREE printable to start school HERE.

Give the teacher a thank you card with this FREE printable available for download HERE.

Get started on teacher appreciation gifts early with two projects shown HERE including this stamped chalkboard frame.

Decorate backpacks and paper lunch bags in this fun tutorial HERE.

I have lots of back-to-school ideas HERE in my Pinterest board if you're looking for additional ideas. I pin new items to the board from time-to-time to consider following it if you like the ideas that you see.


  1. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Thanks for all the ideas! I am hoping to do the bubblegum card this year.


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