Day #10: Lunch Bags & Backpacks

I recently heard the most brilliant idea from a parent in my neighborhood. He was shopping for shoes for his son at a BOGO sale and realized that if he got two pairs of the same shoes, he would never be looking for his son's shoes again. I have a child like that in my own household. We have three lunchboxes for my son because he loses at least one of them a week. I've been known to visit the lost-and-found weekly just so we can have a coat, or gloves, or a lunchbox in which to pack his lunch.

I keep thinking that perhaps that memory gene will kick in soon, but it hasn't yet. So this year I'm getting creative! To help my son easily locate his backpack, I created a backpack tag with his name on it. (If I told you that he actually brought home the wrong backpack from the playground last year, would you understand my consternation a little?)

To create this tag, I used the following Scotch Laminating Tag system. It comes with a laminated tag. You simply peel off the sticker to "laminate" any tag you hand make. Here's the packaging for this item:

Here's what it looks like with my own creation:

Beyond labeling his backpack, we're going to try some decorative brown paper bags. Perhaps the decoration on these will help both he and my teenage daughter more easily locate them when it's time for lunch. I didn't spend more than about 5 minutes on each bag so it won't matter if they throw them in the trash when they're done.

Here's a bag for a teenager (note the fringed edge on the tope and the stamping and washi tape on the bottom):

Here's a bag for an elementary student (this bag has a tag, washi tape, and stamping):

Below are some supplies you could use to recreate both the luggage tag and the lunchbags. You can find the luggage tags at any store, and the brown lunch bags will be at your local grocery store.
Lunch Bag & Backpack Tag Supplies (click the photos for links to the products):

I also wanted to share this darling lunch bag sticker digital sheet. Simply print out the stickers on sticky paper and you can add them to your lunch bags:

Challenge: Personalize a lunch bag or create a backpack tag. Show me what you create by either linking your completed project to this blog post or to the Monday blog post for a chance to win a 2Peas Gift Certificate!


  1. love the fringe idea! :)

  2. Love the lunch bag with the apple stamp and washi tape - how cute!

  3. Such cute lunch bags! Your kids are going to be sooo decked out for school--they're going to be the envy of all their friends. ;)


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