Make It Meaningful Bonus Project: Graduation Banner

Make It Meaningful Bonus Project:

Have you caught any of my weekly scrapbooking "Make It Meaningful" videos yet? Each Friday I show you how to share your memories in a more meaningful way. I hope you'll join in on the discussion. It's fun to read what makes things meaningful for others and to look at memory keeping from new perspectives.

One meaningful memory a lot of people have each year is some kind of graduation in the family. This year my oldest nephew graduates from high school. Where has the time gone? That squirmy little ball of cuteness now towers over me at well over 6 feet tall. He's all handsomeness and confidence now. I'm so excited for him, even though I'm sad at how quickly the time has passed.

If I know my sister, she will be deep in party planning well before his big day. She takes her kids' memorable moments VERY seriously (I like that about her). He's bound to have lots of fun. And knowing my sis, her decorations will likely involve lots of coordinated items in cute, paper crafted glory. He's a lucky boy to have her for a mom.

To Make This Project:

* Echo Park Paper "Grad" Mini Theme Collection
* Gold Glitter Paper
* Gold Tissue Paper
* White and Gold Flecked Tissue Paper
* Gold Star Washi Tape
* Gold Sequins
* Sewing Machine
* Yellow Thread

You can search for many of these items HERE in the 2Peas store.

The thing I like about this collection from Echo Park is that it will go well with lots of high school or college colors. I brought in bits of gold to brighten up the project. By cutting up some of the journaling cards and using some of the shaped stickers, this project came together easily.

Look for ways to add bling to your projects through glitter glue, embossing powder, sequins, gems, and more. Any time you can coordinate your projects to match the theme of an event, it makes it more memorable. I just know my nephew's graduation party is going to be awesome, and that's because of the time and effort my sister will be putting into getting it just right.

I know that her son is really going to appreciate all the heart she gives to things that are important to him.

Looking for additional ideas on making memories more memorable? Be sure to check out my 2Peas weekly video series HERE. You can watch me make layouts start-to-finish, as I share some insights and tips and tricks for making those memories meaningful.

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