Out of the Box Scrapbooking Haul Video #15

In this video I give you a little peek at what I purchased this month for some VERY cool upcoming, 2Peas projects. After getting my box I realized I really didn't get that much, but I went with a specific "focus." Here's a peek at what I purchased:

You can watch the scrapbooking haul video HERE on my Youtube channel or below:

Below are the items that I purchased. Be sure to check out all the 2Peas sale items HERE in case there are other items you might want to use. The sale ends on Sunday so be sure to grab your favorites items SOON!

Supplies: (click photos for product information or visit my blog HERE for the complete list)

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  1. First let me say that I need some of those Milk Money Pop Drops! I had not seen those before this video.

    Second, I have a request. You often mention that you have specific projects in mind for your purchases. I try to be purposeful in my selection from Two Peas but, often I get into a "oooh, pretty mode." I know you like to keep what you have planned secret but, I think it would be helpful (at least for me) if we could hear a little bit of your planning process. I realize that some (or much) of your preplanning if driven by you DT commitments and your plans for this site but, if I could become even a little more focused in my purchases it would help. It could even be so generic as: I have this trip/event/story I want to scrap, this is what I need to buy: X number of papers, Y kind of embellishments, etc. Thanks for sharing.


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