Memories Made #27 Scrapbooking Process Video: "Remember Mixed Tapes"

Welcome to a new month of "Memories Made" videos! This month I'm focusing on: Layout Design Styles!

Layout designs range from grid, to free form, to centered, and more. We'll chat about a few of them this month. In each video I'll discuss one of the design styles and how I approach it. I'll share a few examples of them I've already created, and then I'll share the products I used to create the layout.

This week's memory: Mixed Tapes

We all made them. I still have a few of them; although, I no longer have the means to play them. I wanted to capture that memory, however, in a layout. So I chose photos about my husband and then included a list of a few of our favorite "mixed tapes" songs. Here is the layout I created:

This week's technique: Grid Design

Grid design uses basic shapes to create "blocks" on your layout. Here are the close-up views of I embellished each of the grids on this layout:

Tutorial Video:
Want to learn more about grid design? Then be sure to watch today's tutorial video either HERE on my Youtube channel or below:

Additional Grid Design Samples: 
Here are some additional samples of how I used grid design:
View this VIDEO and layout HERE!

Designed for Scrapbook Trends Magazine (2009).

Below are the suggested products for recreating this layout. Consider using up your 6x6 paper pads. Look for frames in similar sizes and fill the entire page with them. Or use a punch or die cut shape to cut similar shapes from the paper and photos you wish you use.

Suggested Products (click photos for product information):


  1. It is a great page about your hubby. :) I do remember making mixed tapes. My middle and youngest children have no idea what cassettes are. LOL I am old enough to remember 8 tracks too. ;)

  2. j'adore cette page !!! je file regarder la vidéo

  3. You rock grids and PP mixing. Gorgeous! I remember both tapes and 8 tracks but don't think we had many of those. Mom and Dad had the stereo with a record player that is the size of a huge piece of furniture. My sister has it now.

  4. Love the topic and the grid design! I just purchased Doodlebug's new day-to-day cassette tape paper with plans to create a layout about my favorite cassettes from the 80's. This is an awesome twist on that! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  5. ok im going to start calling you the color queen. i love how you put colors together!! another great lo sistah!! and love the vowel idea.

  6. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Great video! I learned so much. I am going to try a grid design. I had difficulty with that type of design in the past. This LO inspired me to try again.


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