Product Focus #22: Butterfly Scrapbooking Supplies

Welcome to this week's Product Focus." In these weekly blog posts, I'll share scrapbooking supplies or a product trend I'm particularly drawn to, and then I'll share some ways you can use the products in a several project samples. I'll discuss tips and tricks for using the product, share some of my favorite products from that product line, and then I'll open it up for any questions you might have. I'd also love to hear your reviews or uses for the product type I focus on each week. This is a chance for you to pull out products you already own and play with them or for you to discover new products you might not yet have tried.

When looking through some of my projects to share, I noticed a trend. I use butterflies on a lot of my projects. I love the feminine touch they add to any project, and they work well for spring, little girl, Mother pages, and summer layouts. They come in a variety of product types and can be found on patterned paper, as an embellishment and even as die cut or punch shapes.

Here are a few of my current favorite butterfly products from 2Peas (click the photos for links to the products or visit this blog post HERE to view the product suggestions). Be sure to search by the word "butterfly" at 2Peas to find products perfect for any project: 

Below you will find a gallery of projects that include butterflies. Hopefully these projects will give you some new ideas for using a butterfly or two on your next project. 

Idea #1: Create an ombre effect with butterfly and circle punches.

(Source: Two Peas)
Idea #2: Punch or die cut butterflies from 6x6 paper pads.

(Source: Two Peas)

Idea #3: Layer stickers (including butterflies) on top of other stickers.

(Source: Echo Park Paper)

What else can you do with butterflies? How about stitch a "flight trail" with thread like I did on this layout HERE. Or use add pins or spools to the center of them such as this layout HERE. When you see all the different ways to use butterflies, you can see why I love them so much. Do you have a favorite way to use butterflies? I'd love to hear it. Simply add your suggestions in the comment section below to share. I can't wait to be inspired!


  1. These projects are SO beautiful! I love them! You are such an inspiration, Jen!

  2. Butterflies are such a great "go to" embellishment. Love all the gorgeous and interesting ways you used them in your projects! :)

  3. Love all the gorgeous and interesting ways you used them in your projects! :)
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