2Peas Project: Hello, My Name is Girl!

My daughter is home sick today. She doesn't get sick very often so I'm naturally worried about her. She is very much like her mama, and loves to be at school learning and hanging out with her friends. I imagine that today will be spent with lots of Sprite and some Netflix to pass the time (thank goodness for modern technology).

I feel very blessed as a Mom. She's been fairly easy on us as far as the teenage years have gone. She recently got her driving permit to start driving and so far she is a responsible and careful driver. Kate is also the type of girl who can laugh at herself. We can be mid-disagreement, and she can stop, laugh at her response, and redirect. I admire her a great deal. I certainly wasn't that mature when I was her age. She'll be able to date this fall when she turns 16. It's not something her father is looking forward to. If he could he would lock her in her room until she was 25. But she has her head on straight, and I think it will be a fun, happy time for her. I certainly hope so as she is an amazing young woman.

I created this layout about her as kind of a "tongue-in-cheek" tribute to her love for texting. She doesn't go too overboard, but texting is definitely the communication of choice when it comes to teenagers. (I appreciate that I can always reach her, as well,--except during school hours. That has been so convenient; although, she is the one who had to teach ME how to text.)

For this layout for 2Peas I used lots of "teen" or "phone" products to support the theme of the layout:

Here is a close-up photo of that cute little phone sticker from Doodlebug Designs:

Below, I have shared the products (or similar products) for creating his layout. Think outside of the box when designing and combine products from lots of companies to get the look that you want!

Supplies (click the photos for links):


  1. so so lovely !! love the circles and titling!

  2. Beautiful page...LOve the color scheme it is so different...Lucky for you that Kate is so easy going...unfortunately...Mine is a Drama Queen!

  3. Love the soft sweet colors and how you harmoniously pulled them from so many different lines. Perfection! :)


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