When Good Projects Get No Love!

K, I know we all have projects like these. Projects we create from a creative, happy place and then no one seems to find them as beautiful as you do.

Well, here's my opportunity to give them a little love all on my own.

Both of these were created for last year's HOF contest. The "Chill" layout was a freebie layout, and the reasons I love it:

* The color scheme is a bit unique for me.
* It was a wonderful excuse to use the Autumn Leaves winter paper that I LOVE so much!
* The cool circular design.
* The darling little negative strip (I think these are such a cool invention!).
* It reminds me of how, in Savannah, we could enjoy the beach year round.

The "React" layout was my technique layout. My technique being stamping techniques. The reasons I love it:

* This is one of my favorite color schemes. I started scrapbooking during the brighter years (as opposed to the shabby chic era).
* I am falling in LOVE with stamping so any excuse is a good excuse.
* These photos of my two youngest are two of my very favorites.
* It documents how my dd was so upset at the thought of having a younger brother, and how she has come to adore her little brother.

So do you have some layouts that never got any love? Share them with me, and tell me why you love them so very much!


  1. LOL Jen!! I think I have more pics that need love than LO's. I just can't imagine you creating something that isn't loved by everyone!! The colors are fantastic! OH! and Huge congratulations... Cover Girl!

  2. I'll love on ya baby! Oh, I mean..um...your lo's... :) Rockin' lo's love the photo in the first one and the colors in the second. As always, I must say it again, "YOU ROCK!" :)

  3. Oh, here's a lo of mine that I totally dig, but hardly got any lovin' at all on 2ps... I loved the color scheme, the ghost letters (thanks to Lynn), like the quote and the pic of me (so hard to get one without all of my darned chins!) Hmmm...yep, I still love it!

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  5. they are beautiful . . . really love the beach layout . . . reminds me of growing up on the gulf coast . . . :D


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