7 Awesome Tips for Packing for a Scrapbook Crop

Are you tired of packing everything including the kitchen sink when you attend a scrapbook crop or retreat? I know after several years of dragging my entire craft room with me, I was ready for a change. So I narrowed down my packing list and simplified my scrapbook crop packing plan using a few simple tips. Today I'm sharing seven of these tips for packing for a scrapbook crop. Be sure to pin this article for later (simply hover over the images to save)!

7 Awesome Tips for Packing for a Scrapbook Crop

1. Pack kits to work on. Gather your photos first and plan your story. Then create your own page kits (I keep mine in inside the sheet protector they will eventually go inside). My kits include scrapbooking paper, embellishments, a title sticker or die cut, and plans for journaling. I tend to like the same kinds of embellishments and stick to ephemera, chipboard or cardstock stickers, enamel dots, and generic embellishments like doilies, tags, ribbon or twine, etc. I place all of these items for each group of photos into the sheet protector. I try to average 10-15 kits per day. I don't usually complete all of them, but I never want to run out of things to work on while I'm away.

2. Keep a separate tool kit for your crops. Include scissors, paper trimmer, pencil, black pen, ruler, and any other tools you regularly use on your layouts (hole punch, stapler, etc.). Consider clean up tools such as baby wipes as well. (I also stick in a few bandaids for paper cuts.) Keep this bag inside your larger crop bag or separate from your daily tools. If you can't do this at least make sure every item you need is written on your packing list (see below).


3. Bring extra tools for special techniques such as stamps, stamping ink, mounting blocks that only you might own. I especially bring these items if I want to add something special to one of my layouts. I keep the tools to a minimum though so I'm not bringing in tons of items. If you can pack items like one stamp set that can be used on multiple layouts, that means less items to bring. If you're bringing markers, do you need all of them? If you're bringing ink, do you need every color? Ask yourself these questions as you pack.

4. Coordinate with friends for larger tools. Have one friend bring their digital die cut machine (Cricut or Silhouette), and perhaps another brings their manual die cut machine. Make sure your name is on all your tools so they don't get mixed up. Divide the work of transporting these larger items between the entire group, or see if the event has these larger machines on hand for everyone to use. Reach out in the group text or chat to ask!

5. Keep your crop bag packed with basic supplies. I go through kraft and white cardstock like there's no tomorrow. I always keep a small stack inside my bag. For you it might be Baker's Twine, or brown Distressing Ink. Whatever it is, don't forget it!

6. Bring something else to work on in case you get bored. Sometimes I need a mental break from scrapbooking, so I'll bring a few card kits or stamped images to color. This keeps the creative juices flowing and makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something even if it's not a scrapbooking layout. (Something like stamping tags is a great creative booster.)

7. Comfort items. The more you attend a crop, the more the things you know you can't live without. Some people need their own chair. Some bring an extra desk lamp. For me, it's a bag of M&M's and a jacket (I always get chilly at crops). I even stick in headache and allergy medicine for when I get those inevitable concentration headaches or have a pollen attack. While I don't believe in bringing more than you need, I do think you need to pack what makes the experience both relaxing and productive. So wear those comfortable sweats or bring whatever you need to make the event more pleasant.

And one last tip for packing for your scrapbooking crop: create a packing list! Create a laminated packing list that you attach to your crop bag. Then check off each item you want to bring so you don't forget anything. It will make it so much easier to pack for the next crop if you stay organized each time. 

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