DIY Vinyl on Lemonade Jars

Enjoy some delicious lemonade in personalized jars from JoAnn. These sweet lemonade jars have vinyl added to them to make them extra special. A summer craft like this is perfect do with the kids.


Vinyl Lemonade Jars Tutorial:

Step 1: To make the jars, choose a lemon cut file from the Silhouette online store. Then place the words "pucker up!" inside the cut file and cut out of yellow vinyl. 

Step 2. Fill the jar with candy.
Step 3. Cut the shape from the yellow vinyl.

 Step 4. Use transfer tape to transfer the cut out to the jar.

If you're gifting them to a friend, fill them with lemon-flavored candy.

Pin your favorite images for inspiration later! I KNOW you'll want to make this cute craft.


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