Mother's Day DIY: Paper Butterfly Magnets

Mom is going to love the sweet Butterfly Magnets. All you need are some butterfly die cuts, paper, buttons, twine, and vintage clothespins. Give Mom something sweet for Mother's Day with these magnets that even kids can make.

Mother's Day Butterfly Magnets Tutorial:

Step 1. Cut several butterflies from cardstock.

Step 2.  Layer the butterflies inside the slit of the clothespins and hot glue buttons tied with twine to the center of the clothespins.

Step 3.  Hot glue magnets to the back of each clothespin.

Look for digital or manual butterfly die cut shapes in a variety of styles and shapes. Cut layers from different colors of cardstock and vellum.

Layer the butterflies together and then glue them to the inside of the slit on the clothespins.

Add buttons tied with twine to the middle of the butterflies on the clothespins. Hot glue magnets to the back of each clothespin.

Mix different colors in one color family to get truly beautiful butterflies.

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