Target DIY: Updating Rainbow Dollar Spot Pennant

Fess up! How often do you shop the Target Dollar Spot? Man, that place gets me every time. But who can resist cute items for just a few dollars? Seriously! I get so many creative ideas from that section of Target. Today I'm sharing how you can update pennants from this section to make them your own. I purchase this pennant a few months ago. It only had the rainbow on it at the time. Keep reading for what I added.

Because I wanted to add "clouds" to the pennant, I hot glued several white pom poms to the bottom of the rainbow. Then I added a yellow button for a "sun" to the actual rainbow.

And finally, I stitched a handmade, yarn tassel to the bottom of the pennant. Suddenly this all "me." What have you done to make something from the dollar spot fit your decor style?

Love this tutorial? Be sure to check out all the DIY crafts listed on this blog. We have so many different ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


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