5 Stamping Ink Pads You Can't Live Without!

After 20 years of stamping, I've become somewhat picky in the ink brands I choose to use. I like an ink pad that gives true color, a company that provides me with good color choices, and a brand that gives me the option to buy a color family set in one purchase. Today I'm recommending five stamping ink pads you really can't live without! These ink pads are high quality and will give you gorgeous stamping results every time. Keep reading for my five recommendations.

1. Scrapbook.com

Scrapbook.com - Premium Hybrid Ink Pad - Complete Kit 

What I love about the Scrapbook.com ink pads is that you can get them as single stamp pads or in sets of three. So if you're looking for a light, medium, and dark green you can purchase them all once and have the perfect gradient of that color.

I also love the rich colors of these ink pads. They are what I would describe as "juicy" and give you nice, crisp stamping images. You can find all of the Scrapbook.com ink colors HERE.

2. The Stamp Market