One Way to Decorate Acrylic Stands for Wedding Reception Centerpieces

This post was generously sponsored by Jillibean Soup. All opinions expressed herein are mine.

Know someone getting married or are you hosting a wedding shower? You'll want to try this quick and easy craft featuring an acrylic stand from Jillibean Soup. Did you know that you can add stickers and vinyl to acrylic frames, stands, and sheets?  They stick easily to the acrylic surface and allow you to customize table centerpieces for wedding receptions, baby showers, and MORE!

"Love" acrylic stand designed by Jen Gallacher for Jillibean Soup. #weddingdecor #tablecenterpiece #acrylicsign

Adding stickers in vinyl, foam, or any texture is an EASY way to dress up your wedding tables. Hot glue paper or silk flowers and greenery to the bottom of the stands in colors that match your reception decor. Then add a phrase, table number, or quote to the acrylic. Here's a look at some foam stickers I used from Jillibean Soup:

"Love" acrylic stand designed by Jen Gallacher for Jillibean Soup. #weddingdecor #tablecenterpiece #acrylicsign

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