Adding Paper Flowers to a DCWV Letter Board

This blog post was generously sponsored by DCWV and Scrapbook and Cards Today Magazine. All opinions expressed herein are mine.
 I love letter boards! And I really love the ones that DCWV designs. This is a large circle one with a wooden edge. It's huge and beautiful and fits ALL sizes and styles of their letters. But I wanted to personalize it a bit more so I added die cut flowers and leaves to the outside edge of the letterboard. You can do this with Silhouette die cut shapes or manual die cut shapes. Keep reading for some hints and die cut shape suggestions.

Die Cuts with a View Circle Letterboard with paper flowers designed by Jen Gallacher for Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine. #letterboard #lettboardquotes #sctmagazine #jengallacher

You could easily hot glue the leaves and flowers to the frame, but I like to change things out for different seasons or occasions so I use glue dots instead. This allows me to gently peel away each flower, but it's sticky enough to hold on my project.

The best kind of flower and leaf shapes for a project like this are dimensional shapes. Search Silhouette's online store for flowers and choose ones that can be layered, or rolled, or curled for dimension. You can also use manual die cut shapes. Shop the supplies below for my suggestions.

Here are some Silhouette 3d Flower Cut files that I love:

Lori Whitlock 3D Flower
Lori Whitlock 3D Rose Petal Flower
Lori Whitlock 3D Daisy Flower

You can find more amazing paper crafting projects in the latest issue of SCT Magazine. You can purchase your own copy HERE. I highly suggest that you subscribe to the magazine. It's a high-quality print magazine with so many beautiful ideas. I promise you'll love it!

Shop the Supplies:

(Want some letterboard supply suggestions? Click the product images for information or to shop. Affiliate links have been used where possible. A small portion of each sale helps to pay for this blog post at no additional cost to you.)


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