Sizzling Summer #6: Daubers

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Have you been following my posts all this last week? I'm joining during their Sizzling Summer sale to share some of my favorite Exclusive products. Today I'm sharing a fun tool, you'll definitely want to add to your tool drawer. Ink daubers are the perfect way to add color through stencils, stamping, templates and more. These little daubers fit on your finger and make quick work of adding ink to any project. Keep reading to see how I used one to create this card's polka dot background and learn how you could get a set of three daubers for FREE (today only!)

Ink dauber used on card to create polka dot effect. Created by Jen Gallacher for #sponsored #jengallacher #stencil #stamping #scrapbookdotcom

Here's how I use daubers with stencils. I place the stencil on the front of my card or paper. Then I tap the dauber on an ink pad and then tap it through the stencil. This creates a nice clean spattering of color on my card. For fun, try adding color to only part of the pattern, or use multiple colors of ink with a new dauber each time. So many cool things you can do with these amazing tools!

Ink dauber used on card to create polka dot effect. Created by Jen Gallacher for #sponsored #jengallacher #stencil #stamping #scrapbookdotcom

Ink dauber used on card to create polka dot effect. Created by Jen Gallacher for #sponsored #jengallacher #stencil #stamping #scrapbookdotcom Sale:

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  1. Fabulous background on this gorgeous card Jen! Love all of the beautiful dimension and color you added!

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