How to Set Up a Hot Cocoa Station

With the weather getting a bit chilly, now is a good time to set up a hot cocoa station for all the family and friends that come to visit. By keeping this station filled with goodies, your guests can easily come in from the cold and grab a delicious treat. You can change the look of this hot cocoa station by using different colors of mugs, or by using candy your family prefers. It's a delicious way to welcome in the holidays.

Hot Cocoa Station Shopping List:

- Try a cake plate or treat stand (mine is from HomeGoods)
- Mugs (choose some that will match your holiday home decor)
- Hot cocoa (we love these individual packages from Swiss Miss as they make making hot cocoa quick and easy)
- Straws or spoons to stir the hot cocoa and mix-ins
- Napkins (choose some in cheery holiday designs)
- Mix-ins (white chocolate, red hots, candy canes, and more)
- Extra treats (I like to include a few seasonal treats like gumdrops, chocolate covered pretzels and more. I can change these out as I like.)

My teenager was all excited when he saw the set-up. But he's determined to keep his fellow teenage friends from devouring more than their fair share of the goodies. Way to feel the Christmas Spirit, son. But we're keeping it real around here. This station will probably get a little messy, but I'm happiest when my home is filled with happy noise and laughter. So bring on the hot cocoa!

Make Your Own Cocoa Station:

(Click the links to shop for your own hot cocoa station. Affiliate links have been used where possible.)

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