Summer Kid Craft: DIY 3D Flowers

Are you loving the look of handmade, paper flowers? Oh I am SO loving them. Something about the texture of paper, just gets me all happy and excited. So I was super happy when Echo Park Paper recently released new 3D Flower Dies. I thought it would be fun to show you how easy it is to create 3d Flowers with your kids using these amazing dies. Be sure to pin your favorite images to inspire you later!

3D Paper Flowers from Jen Gallacher #paperflower #diecutting #kidscraft #jengallacher

3D Flower Instructions

Step 1: Use the dies to cut out the petals for the flowers. A small flower will use only the smallest petal and will need 5-6 petals cut. A medium flower will need both the smallest and medium petals die cut (cut 5-6 petals). And a large flower will need all three petals cut (cut 5-6 petals).

3D Paper Flowers from Jen Gallacher #paperflower #diecutting #kidscraft #jengallacher

Step 2: Use a pencil to gently bend the petals back.

3D Paper Flowers from Jen Gallacher #paperflower #diecutting #kidscraft #jengallacher

Step 3: Use liquid glue or glue dots to gently overlap the bottom flap of each petal over one another.

3D Paper Flowers from Jen Gallacher #paperflower #diecutting #kidscraft #jengallacher

Step 4: Begin adhering petals on top of each other, slightly overlapping as you go.

3D Paper Flowers from Jen Gallacher #paperflower #diecutting #kidscraft #jengallacher

Step 5: Use the die cut circle included in the die cut packaging to die cut a flower center.

3D Paper Flowers from Jen Gallacher #paperflower #diecutting #kidscraft #jengallacher

Step 6: To add more petals, follow the same steps and mount them on the BACK of the first row of petals.

3D Paper Flowers from Jen Gallacher #paperflower #diecutting #kidscraft #jengallacher

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Make This Project:

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