Craft Lightning: Teacher Appreciation 15 Minute Card

Our teachers do so much for our kids. They work hard and do so for long hours. They deserve a special thank you to let them know how much we appreciate all they do. For this "Craft Lightning" round-up I wanted to share a card that takes about 15 minutes to create. A teacher thank you card added to items like a houseplant, that contains a gift card, or simply accompanies a treat is a great way to say "thanks" for all your teachers do.

Teacher Thank You Card by Jen Gallacher

Here's another look at the card.

This card is easy to create when you focus on school-themed items including stamps, school papers, school colors and more.

Be sure to check out all of the "Teacher Appreciation" crafts included in this weekly round-up by Craft Lightning. Click the image below to see all of the beautiful projects created for this theme.


  1. Cute card! Love the distressed stitching and the large apple over the lady. Awesome!

  2. That is too cute! Thanks for joining!

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