Make It Meaningful Bonus Project: Spring Frame

Make It Meaningful Bonus Project:

I am SO ready for some Spring weather. I always love the first few days of snow, and then after a week of dreary, cold weather I'm completely over it. So where can I move where winter only lasts a week? Is that even an option?

To help cheer me up in preparation for longer days of sunshine and warmth, I created this charming little frame for my office (I can call my own projects charming can't I?). I wanted to experiment with some new techniques on this project, and I really like these little details.

Little details can help make a project more meaningful because it makes it a little more "fancy."

To Make This Project:

* Echo Park Paper "Hippity Hoppity" Collection
* White Frame
* Echo Park Paper Embossing Folder
* Sizzix Die Cut Machine
* Silhouette Die Cut Machine
* Leaf Die Cut Shape
* White Cardstock
* Vellum
* White Crochet Thread
* White and Silver Sequins
* Teal Office Clip
* Yellow Button

You can search for many of these items HERE in the 2Peas store.

When working with bright colors, one way to make them stand out is to start with a white background. But plain white cardstock can be boring. And no boring projects are allowed here! To mix it up a bit, I first embossed the white cardstock before sticking it into this inexpensive white frame from Target. I still wanted some more white-on-white action, so I wrapped the entire frame with white crochet twine (make sure you don't wrap the frame support on the back or it won't stand up on its own any more). Here's one of the cool elements I added to this project: I threaded a few sequins onto the twine before wrapping it around the frame (see them in the bottom, right of the frame).

The main item in this frame is a journaling card from the Echo Park Paper collection. I used several layers of pop dots to help it stand up from the frame. Adding some punched circles of pink polka dot patterned paper to the side keep it feminine and the light touch of a die cut vellum leaf shape add texture but don't take away from the journaling card image.

This really is a simple project, but it looks so much prettier with all the little handmade touches. It definitely drives away the "drearies" every time I look at it. Looking for some additional project ideas? Check out my "Bonus Projects" blog posts each Wednesday for ways you can surround yourself with meaningful items. HERE is one project you might have missed.


  1. b
    Beautiful project.

  2. So pretty! I would welcome you to move to the Pacific Northwest! We usually only get up to a week of snow each year, but some years we don't get any... Of course you have to put up with fog and rain instead. ;)

  3. Mendi, I don't know how you do the fog and rain all the time. Being without snow I can TOTALLY do. :)

  4. This is so pretty! Hard to pin point the exact reason that makes it pretty... the color combo? the simplicity? the presentation? ... all


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