NEW 2Peas Exclusive Die Cut Shapes & Printables

I love the word "exclusive." It makes me feel like I'm getting something no one else is getting. I like having unique pieces that speak specifically to me, which is probably why I enjoy flea market shopping so much when searching for home decor items.

Did you know that 2Peas is now offering Exclusive Cut Files and Printables? There's that beautiful word again: "exclusive." Wouldn't you like to own a little something special made just for you?
These hip die cut shapes were designed by both the in-house 2Peas Designer, as well as, contributing artists. The die cut shapes work with your digital die cut machines. While the printables can be downloaded into any photo editing program and can be printed on cardstock or used as a digital element.

Want to dip your toes in the water before completely taking the plunge? Try the FREE die cut shapes and printables listed here:

Click HERE to download this free die cut shape.

Click HERE to download this free printable.

If you love what you see, then be sure to check out all the die cut shapes and printables HERE.

Limited Availability!  

Some of these amazing die cut shapes and printables are only available in the month of May so make sure to download the shapes before they're no longer available!


  1. Anonymous6:29 AM

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  2. I love these! I've not done a lot on 2Ps, but I do like to check out digital files (there's something so very gratifying about having it right away) and have gotten a few of theirs. Thanks so much for the heads' up (enabling)!


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