Day #8: Back-to-School Photography Inspiration

I always take the same photo on the first day of school. My kids sit on the front porch, too excited to really even look at the camera; and I quickly snap one or two photos before they impatiently beg to stop. It isn't any fun, and it certainly isn't pretty.

For today's "Back-to-School" event, I wanted to share some inspiration for getting some much creative and beautiful school photos. To do so, I've created an inspiration board in my Pinterest account.

Here's a screenshot of what you will find within this board. You can follow this board HERE on Pinterest! And you can find my general boards HERE!

I particularly love this one by Sophie Crew Photography. She was Voted BEST FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER in San Diego by Nickelodeon Parent Connect. Why can't she live closer? I would love to just hire her to do a session like these for my kids.

Looking for a "to do list" of "Back-to-School Photography?" Look what I discovered by the ever amazing Rebecca Cooper:

Download the FREE list HERE!

Can you think of other photos you might want to take as you head back to school? I'd love to hear your ideas (and so would my other readers)!


  1. Cool! I love that back to school photo check list! :)

  2. Thanks for the great download Jen
    Hugs Lynsey x


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