Friday Favorites: Layout Stamping

I thought it might be fun to review some of my favorite projects I created over the past year or so that use stamping on layouts. I think we all have projects we are proud of and that turn out just how we imagined. These are a few that make me happy.

I created this one for the Silhouette blog two years ago. I use my electronic die cut machines daily, as well as, my manual die cut machines. This layout uses stamping for a subtitle and for a subtle image on the tag:
This is a list journaled layout on which I layered a felt butterfly sticker on top of a floral design stamp. Love the idea of layering:

On this layout I created a scene using stamps. First I started with a background stamp, and then I added items I had stamped on white cardstock. This is a great technique when you're in the mood to color:

For my class "Scrapbook Stamper's Workshop" I (and my fabulous Guest Designers) show you 50 techniques for using stamping on your layouts. And while these layouts above are 8 1/2 X 11" layouts, the class is LOADED with lots of 12X12" ideas.

I'm attaching a few of my favorite stamps right now as you consider either taking this workshop with me or just giving stamping on your layouts a try!
Stamps (click photos for links):


  1. great layout review! Lovely layouts!

  2. Hey Jen! Just dropped in to snoop around for a while, and started wondering about your layouts. Are you still faithfully putting them in albums? Or are you like me (shame) and stacking them in crates, on shelves and in priority mail boxes (man those things are handy.)
    And how many albums do you have now?
    Just bein' nosey... I can't help it. You're still the coolest! ;)

  3. Jamie, I am shamefully "stacking" them right now. Care to come over and help me put them in albums? :)

  4. Oh so pretty!


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