Back to School Woes

I am glad that after three children starting school over the past 17 years that I recognize the first week of school is no indication of how the year will be because if I believed that I would be feeling a little nervous. The oldest seems to be transitioning well. As a ninth grader in a school where that is the last year hosted in the school, it's old news to her. She is tired but happy to be back in school. But the third grader declared himself to be "over" school on the second day. Yesterday we had a complete meltdown that resulted in him heading for bed right after dinner. With his severe allergies, lack of sleep, and general difficulty in returning to school if I thought this was indicative of the rest of the school year I might throw my hands up in frustration. (Ok, I'm frustrated all right but not ready to give up yet.)

I do remember, however, that it takes a few weeks for the body to adjust to the rigors of early rising and heavy school demands. In the meantime, I'm trying to be extremely patient. I recognize it's hard for him as well.

Last night however, I watched a 25 year old on TV screeching at her Mom and thought, "we're curbing that kind of behavior here and now." I can't imagine a grown adult being that disrespectful to her mother. And her poor mother stood there sad and frightened. Zero tolerance for that around these parts. I don't have a problem with my kids feeling angry, sad, or disappointed; but it's how they handle those feelings that's important to me. I cannot stand them being disrespectful. We just don't treat each other that way. It's something we're always working on.

On a happier (and less chatty) note, I have one "Work It Out Wednesday" share for you today. This is from the Create blog. In this post, I share how to create the journaling banner block on this page. It's a great eye-catching piece and a fun way to switch up your journaling. Be sure to read the complete instruction list here:


  1. OUr back to school starts next Thurs. And I am a little apprehensive as well. I am saying good bye to my 8th grade daughter, as this year is to be a very homework intensive year. I will see her next summer when she emerges from the books on the last day. It is also preschool for my littlest. Not at all ready to let him go. And no, screaming at your mother is not ok. There is zero tolerance for that here as well. Here's to hoping the schol year is a good year for our kids.

  2. Good for you for having zero tolerance. I think in order to raise good children, we need to teach them about respect for themselves and others - good job! Also, super cute layout! Love the depth!

  3. I totally agree about society as a whole and how it has changed. As kids we would have never treated our parents that way! I think kids are watching reality tv and seeing all these crazy disrespectful people and think that is the way the world it. makes me sad:(

    my kiddos started school 8/25 . My oldest missed the first 2 weeks he had pneumonia. Hard to get a high school sophmore caught back up after all of that!


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