April's Mini Album a Month Class & a Layout!

I get to post some work for 2Peas today. That always makes me happy. I feel very blessed to work with them. I am constantly inspired by the work posted in the gallery. I know I can ask the readers any question and I will receive a quick answer--including asking about my dumb sewing machine.

This layout is about my niece, Zadie. I wanted to create a scene for the top of this layout. I've had this sketch idea in my head for some time now, but I had sketched a little boat scene and that obviously doesn't work with this layout. So I switched it up to a house on a hill, and now I'm really happy with it. You can see more detail shots and find the supply list here at 2Peas:

And the April "Mini Album a Month" class focuses on a Spiral Bound Album with an "Art Journal" feel. Katelyn is an amazing artist, and I wanted to create an album for her that she can record some of her work inside. I took pictures of her art and placed them on one side of the page. Then she can document or take notes on the other side of the page. You can find the class here at 2Peas and download the pdf here.

And here is the video for this class:

I hope you enjoy learning some assembly tips for a journal like this. You can participate in this month's challenge by completing your own album and uploading it to the gallery. (Be sure to mark the correct challenge box for a chance to win a prize from 2Peas!)


  1. Jen - I love the album!!! It was so good to hear your voice for the first time too. :)

    Thanks for showing how to cut those slits and make those holes. I have always tried to take the spiral off an album like that and it is a pain and I almost always end up ruining it. I like this much better. Yay!!!

    Everything you do is so fab.

  2. SOOOO cute!! I LOVE that little house and the album is fantastic girl!!

  3. i love the house and hill scene on the top of the layout ... a fun idea! and your album looks super cute ... i'm going to come back and watch the video tonight :)

  4. Hi Jen. What an adorable layout, and your album looks fab. I am a huge fan of yours, and always check out your layouts at 2 Peas first when you post them at the beginning of the month. So glad I found your blog, now I can check it out as well. Have an awesome weekend!

  5. That little scene on that layout is just plain adorable!


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