Stamped Happy Birthday Tag with SCT Magazine Stamp Set

This post was generously sponsored with a stamp set from Scrapbook and Cards Today Magazine. All opinions expressed herein are mine.

Did you know that SCT Magazine offers stamp sets? They have so many cute ones to choose from. You can find them all HERE. I really wanted to give this cute layered cupcake stamp set a try. What's fun about this set is that you can layer different items together. You can pick different cupcake styles. You can place the cupcake on a stand, or add a candle or cherry to the top of the cupcake. Just too much fun. Here's a look at the tag I created with this set:

Scrapbook & Cards Today stamped tag by Jen Gallacher for #stamping #stamper #stampedcard #birthdaycard #sctmagazine

Here's another look at this tag. In this photo you can see the layered stamp details (the lines in the cupcake liner, and the sprinkles on the cupcake):

Scrapbook & Cards Today stamped tag by Jen Gallacher for #stamping #stamper #stampedcard #birthdaycard #sctmagazine

SCT offers several different kits, classes, and events. Be sure to check out all they offer HERE.

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