How to Style a Vintage Shelf

I love a good shelf styling. Something about being able to display things I love on a shelf just makes me happy. This shelf currently hangs in my bedroom and is a vintage shelf my Dad gave me several years ago. Read on to learn about styling a vintage shelf.

How to Style a Vintage Shelf by #shelfie #styleashelf

This particular shelf took me a little longer this time around. This shelf has been used in several different ways. It was used HERE in my craft room. It also hung in our very first home. I have loved this shelf and carried with me to four different homes. A good piece of furniture fits anywhere, and this is one of those items.

To style this shelf:

* I first decided whether to hang it with the green side showing or the natural wood. Because our bedroom is grey and yellow, the natural brown looks better. (In my craft room the green was showing.)

* Then I started with the yellow vases from Hobby Lobby. They were on clearance so I got them for only a few dollars. I always buy things either in sets of three or two. If it's a set of two, then I get one large and one medium-sized piece.

How to Style a Vintage Shelf by #shelfie #styleashelf

* The bottom shelves came next filling in with pieces I already own. But I felt something was missing so I added the faux succulent and vase also from Hobby Lobby. The green helps make the shelf feel more alive.

How to Style a Vintage Shelf by #shelfie #styleashelf

* I found the gold "A" and "Z" at Michael's and knew they would make cool bookends. So I grabbed three of paperback books, ones that were more yellowed and older than the others to help bring in the yellow to the shelf. Then I placed the two letters on either side of the three books.

* I got to this point and the shelf sat there for a while. It was missing something. It needed people! So I bought a few small black frames from Walmart (tiny frames are hard to find). Then I filled them with photos to help bring some personality to the shelf.

* To balance the shelf and fill in some of the space on this larger wall, I added three gold mirrors from Target. this helps fill the space and brings in a hint of metallic to the space.

How to Style a Vintage Shelf by #shelfie #styleashelf

Have more shelves to style? Check out the styling I did on the Ikea Liatorp Bookshelves HERE. This will give you a good run down of how to set out filling shelves with items you love. Shelves are a great way to dress up a space and display your most cherished items.


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