How to Make Friends with Fellow Crafters

After working in the crafting industry for over 20 years (does that date me)? I've been blessed to make some incredible friendships. Some of the people I consider my friends I have only ever met online, but because they spoke to my soul I consider each and everyone of them my friends. If you are looking for a way to connect with people in your community, or people that love crafting as much as you do, there are several things you can do to start these friendships.

1. Host a craft night at your home. Invite your neighbors. Prepare a small craft ahead of time that everyone can easily make no matter their crafting comfort level. Ask everyone to contribute a small treat. Bringing something to an event helps people feel like part of the event. Eventually you will find a group that works well together and enjoys crafting with you.

(South African Scrapbook Convention)

2. Check to see if your local craft stores host classes, crops, or craft events. Don't be afraid to sign up by yourself. It can feel intimidating at first, but every new friendship starts with some bumps and bruises. Put yourself out there and take a chance. You many find the people you meet become some of your closest friends.

3. Attend a craft event away from home. Either invite someone to go with you or go on your own. Again, meeting people who share your same interests already puts you ahead of in the friendship making game. I have met so many people who met at a previous event and now travel together on a regular basis. Here are some that have great opportunities to meet other crafters:

Pinner's Conference
Stamp and Scrapbook Expo
She Loves Color

4. Join an online group. With technology, some friendships can be started online. Find a group that fits your personality, speaks your crafting language, and feels inclusive and welcoming to you. Within that group, you will find that you connect with specific people time after time. Perhaps after developing an online friendship, you can plan an opportunity to meet. Here are some online groups that I just love:

Scrapbook Like a Super Hero (hosted by Shimelle Laine)
Scrap Gals (hosted by Tracie Claiborne)

Start small and build a group of people who get you! They may become long-term friendships that you will treasure always. Plus it's always great to have a group of people to have fun with, right?


  1. It's good to have some people in your life who love the same thing you love. Lately I met a lot of girls who scrapbook and with some of them we meet regularly now, to have coffee, to share our latest projects, to chat and just have fun.


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