The Best Photography and Video Lights for Blogging

I've been blogging for several years now and I'm always looking for ways to improve the way things look or feel on my blog. New photography and video lighting is probably one of the BIGGEST improvements I've made to my blogging. There are lots of options to make it work for you. But I wanted to share what I currently have in case you're looking to improve your lighting. Currently I own the Cowboy Studio Lights, and the StudioPro Table Top Lighting Kit two lighting kits that I love! Keep reading for more information and reviews.

The Best Photography and Video Lights:

Cowboy Studio Lights for blog photography and YouTube filming.

The Best Overall Lighting Kit:  Cowboy Studio Lights from Amazon

My Review:
* The $50-$80 price tag was in my budget.
* The lights set up in about 5 minutes.
* The lights are lightweight and move around easily.
* The lights are continuous meaning that they stay on until you manually flip the switch to turn them off. This means I fully control the lights by moving them closer and further away from my projects.
* The lights work best in complete darkness (so nighttime or stormy day photography) but I've also used them to illuminate darker areas when I'm doing daytime photography.
* The lights diffuse light so no harsh shadows.
* Lots of my blogger friends have these and use them too.

A couple things to think about:
* Some people find the bulbs aren't quite bright enough. You can purchase brighter lights for them. They easily switch out. I've stuck with the original bulbs. Here's an example of the photography they take.
* Some people feel the lighting kit

The Best Table Top Lighting Kit: StudioPro Table Top Lighting Kit from Amazon

My Review:
* The $40 price tag was reasonable.
* The lights are easy to transport.
* When I don't want to move the big lights I can use these.

Some Things to Think About:
* They tip over so be careful.
* I prefer disused light, which can be achieved by using vellum over the bulbs to soften the lights.
* These include two lights while the larger kit includes three (but only two umbrellas).

Both lights are GREAT options for improving the lighting for blogging and filming videos. I'd love to hear if you use them and how they are working for you!

Here is another post in which I shared my favorite video/photography tools. Click HERE to learn more.

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