My SCT Magazine Cover Attempt

Isn't it amazing how a magazine cover can draw you in and make you want to turn its pages? One beautiful project or image can speak to you right away. That's how I feel about all of the Scrapbook and Cards Today Magazine covers. They are just so beautiful and made by such talented people. So when Megan offered me the opportunity to present a layout for the fall cover, I was so excited. It's so amazing to work with Megan, Catherine, and the other amazing people at SCT Magazine. Here is the gorgeous cover they chose. Isn't it beautiful? I love it too. And while it isn't my layout, as soon as I saw the cover I had no doubts they picked the right image. Amazing!

Download or Purchase your Copy HERE!

I thought it might be fun to show you my layout. I loved the photo we were given to work with. That little man is SO darling! I want to thank SCT Magazine again for the opportunity to try for the cover. It was an awesome challenge, and I loved it!

SCT Fall 2016 Magazine Cover Attempt by Jen Gallacher from #scrapbooking

 Going for a cover is an amazing experience. And I'm super grateful for the chance to try.


  1. Great layout Jen. Love the one they choose but you are #1 in my book for sure!!!

  2. Love your cover! Must have been a difficult decision for the judges to make!


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