How to Style a Coffee Table

Most of us have a coffee table in our living room or great room, but sometimes knowing what to do with it can be a challenge. Today I wanted to share the backstory of my coffee table and talk about how you can style a coffee table with things you love.

How to style a coffee table with Jen Gallacher. #coffeetable #draftingdrawers

You know how you have this idea of what you want in a space, but sometimes it seems to take forever to find it? That was how I was with our coffee table in our great room. Because the space is much larger than our last family room I knew I needed to go a little larger with the table, but I couldn't figure out what to do. Then I got an amazing phone call from my Dad. "Do you want my drafting drawers?" he asked. I knew exactly what drawers he was talking about. Once when I went to visit him at the architectural company where he works, I saw a vintage set of drawers in which he kept his renderings and interior design drawings. I was in LOVE and from that time forward I dreamed of inheriting it. So when he offered it to me, I was beyond excited. Such a generous gift and one that spoke to my heart.

He had already turned it into a coffee table that he kept at his home so I knew that it would work, but it wasn't until I got it into my home that I realized how perfect it was going to be. The piece has a dark wood finish that is now heavily distressed with use and time. But the drawers are a lighter wood, making this piece even more dynamic.

How to Style a Coffee Table:

1. Add Height. I used the indigo blue glass jar to create height. I can add plant leaves or other botanicals as the seasons change.

2. Add Meaning. The frame is another way I've added height, but it also is meaningful. It's a photo of our oldest son who passed away from cancer in 2007. Now he is always with our family no matter the activity we host in this space.

How to style a coffee table with Jen Gallacher. #coffeetable #draftingdrawers

3. Add Horizontal Lines. The coral, gold ball, and the magnifying glass all draw the eye outwards and help fill up the space on the table. Look at how all the elements on the left form a triangle. This anchors the table.

4. Add Texture. The glass, flower pot, and gold ball are smooth. The coral and the moss balls are rough. This keeps the table from looking boring. People love to pick up and touch the items I have here. I want them to feel comfortable doing that.

How to style a coffee table with Jen Gallacher. #coffeetable #draftingdrawers

5. Create Balance. From the other side of the table, you can see how the items fill the space and create a balance on both sides of the table. Since people will sit down to see these items, I wasn't worried about the back of the frame. It was more important for me to have it on the table at all times than worry about the back of it.

How to style a coffee table with Jen Gallacher. #coffeetable #draftingdrawers

6. Match the Decor and Style of Your Room. You can see here how all the elements work together in the space. Colors, textures, and items are repeated throughout the space keeping the look cohesive.

How to style a coffee table with Jen Gallacher. #coffeetable #draftingdrawers

Other Coffee Table Decor Options:
You can also use trays, baskets, books, candles, lanterns, etc. to style a coffee table. Just remember these key ideas for making the table match the look of your space. Anchor the table with a dynamic rug like the wool chevron rug I have on top of a seagrass rug.

- Seagrass Rug: At Home
- Wool Chevron Rug: fabric store
- Coffee Table: Vintage
- Glass Jar: Ros
- Coral, Gold Ball, Moss Balls, Wooden Bowl, and White Frame: TJ Maxx
- Plant, Green Flower Pot: Home Depot
- Casters on the Coffee Table: Harbor Freight

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