How to Stitch Two Rugs Together to Get One Big Rug

I am going to give all the credit for this post to my sweet husband. This is one of the few times he actually got on Pinterest without me asking (or forcing him to) and did some research. We couldn't find a rug the right size for our large great room that had a pricepoint that didn't have us passing out. Brett to the rescue. He learned how to stitch two similar rugs together to get one large rug. It's a genius idea that will save you TONS of money.

How to stitch two rugs together to get one big rug with Jen Gallacher. #rug #largerug #discountrug

How To Stitch Two Rugs Together:

1. You will need a rug with pattern or texture that repeats on the edges. Not every rug can do this. If the pattern does not stop at a full or half-way point in the pattern, then this won't work. We used two seagrass rugs from At Home for this because the texture is repeating. If you have any questions, lay two rugs next to each other in the store to see how they look right up next to one another. The pattern needs to easily carry over from one rug to the next based on how you plan to place the rugs together. Here is a rug where the pattern could be used next to each other:

2. Lay the rugs together in the space. Using a strong, nylon or plastic thread, stitch the rug edges together. We used a garden jute twine as it easily matched our rug style. You could also use rug tape beneath the rug and place the edges of each rug down the center of the tape so they hold together. The purpose is to make sure the rugs don't slide away from one another.

How to stitch two rugs together to get one big rug with Jen Gallacher. #rug #largerug #discountrug

From this perspective can you even tell these are two different rugs? Amazing, right?! Each of these 8" X 10" rugs were $150 each so for $300 we have a 16" X 10" rug now. That is much cheaper than any other solution we looked at.

Here is an additional photo of the rug so you can see how big it ended up being:

How to stitch two rugs together to get one big rug with Jen Gallacher. #rug #largerug #discountrug

- Seagrass Rug: At Home
- Chevron Wool Rug: Fabric Discount Store
- Coffee Table: vintage

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