How to Create a Nautical Beach Table Centerpiece

Ok, I admit it. I am in love with the beach! Something about it soothes my soul so any chance to bring that feeling back to my home in the west, I will do it. Want a quick and easy Nautical or Beach Themed Table Centerpiece? This one comes together very quickly.

How to create a beach/nautical table centerpiece with Jen Gallacher. #nauticaltable #beachtable #centerpiece

To Create the Centerpiece:
1. Find a bell jar and a plate or slightly flat bowl that work together. I both of these found at HomeGoods during one shopping outing. When you can find them at the same time, it makes measuring and fitting them together easier. I carried around the bell jar in the store until I found something that fit beneath it. If you're shopping at two different times, take the piece you already have with you to to the next store to ensure a proper fit.

2. In my previous home, I only used tan and white items in the jar and I tried that here. But for this house, I'm bringing in an indigo blue so I wanted to add blue to the jar. To do this, I combined two different bags of botanicals from TJ Maxx.

3. Turn the bell jar over. Fill the jar starting at the top from the outside to the center of the jar and then down to the "bottom." Turn and look at the jar from different angles to make sure you're balancing the colors, shapes, and textures in the jar.

4. Place the plate or bowl on the bell jar and then turn it over. Place it on your table.

How to create a beach/nautical table centerpiece with Jen Gallacher. #nauticaltable #beachtable #centerpiece

You could use this same technique with a lantern, an apothecary jar, or any other close and clear container.

- Bell Jar, Coral Bowl: HomeGoods
- Botanicals, Nautical Plates: TJ Maxx
- Frame: Tolsby (Ikea)
- Wooden Candlesticks: Pier 1
- Blue Candles: Walmart


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