How to Create Curtains from Bedroom Sheets!

After styling and decorating my Great Room, I got to the point where the sticker shock was weighing a big heavy on me. But I didn't feel like I could quit until I had curtains on the windows. But everything I was finding was in the hundreds of dollars, and I just didn't want to spend that kind of money. Then I remembered a tutorial I read somewhere or saw on HGTV where the designer suggested using either bedroom sheets or tablecloths for curtains. So I set out to see if it would work.

To Use Bedroom Sheets for Curtains:

1. Measure the height from the top of your curtain rod to the floor. Most Twin FLAT sheets will fit spaces from 84" to 108" in height. You will need at least 2 sheets (one for each side of the window), more if you want a wider curtain on each side.

2. Once you've determined the height that you will need, iron a fold in the sheet about 1/2" below this measurement. Iron this fold along the entire horizontal line of the sheet. Use a measuring tape to ensure you keep this fold straight.

3. Using a fabric measuring tape, place the folded edge along the bottom edge of the measuring tape. Place a clip on curtain ring on the left and right side of the sheet with the fold in the back.

4. Place a clip in the center of the sheet along the fold. Use the measuring tape to add additional curtain rings at regular intervals. Repeat for each sheet.

5. Mount the curtain on the rod.

NOTE: You will have to "train" the pleats in the curtains by creating the folds from the top to the bottom of the curtain. Hold them closed with a ribbon or string. After about a week, release the curtain and they will naturally fall into folds. 

Imagine how easy this would be to change up with the seasons! You could use a solid color like I've done, or you could use a print. I got my sheets from Walmart and spent about $10 for the curtains, another $10 for the clips, and $20 for the rod. This was a MUCH cheaper option that buying curtains the perfect size (because my windows are so tall) or having them tailored.

Now when I tire of them I can easily switch them out. You can do this with rectangle tablecloths, as well. Just make sure they are long enough to either hem to fit your length or you can use my technique to get the perfect length.

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